What the Stars Portend for you Today - October 19

Today and tomorrow are the 2 most tense days of the week. Don't schedule anything important, postpone all new undertakings, investments and job searches. Both days are loaded with extremely dissonant energy that will destabilize everything you begin. Until 12:00 UTC, the Moon will be in Gemini, in opposition to Saturn. This will slow down our actions and lead to unforeseen complications.

Keep an eye on your health because your immunity is weakened. Despite everything, the conjunction of Mars and Pluto brings strength, power and the opportunities for change and transformation. At the same time, it bears aggression and discord.

Aries - You are filled with new ideas. You feel an influx of vitality. You work capacity is tremendous and is in complete unison with your excitement and spiritual experiences. Relations with the opposite sex interest you but are also unclear. Listen to the advice of others - you'll get a great idea about how to earn money.

Taurus - Bitterness, pessimism, apathy and depression are all vying for supremacy within you today. Expect a slowing down at work and an indecisiveness that will lead you to make completely wrong decisions. Health problems, as well as chronic conditions, will be activated. The period is good only for finding solitude.

Gemini - You feel the way you look - perfect. Your emotions are in balance and you're expressing your identity freely. The day itself is also remarkably positive for you. Today's energy is going to help you succeed in areas requiring good judgement. Your personal ambition is the one thing that's motivating you to continue on forward.

Cancer - Postpone all meetings with important persons, bosses and official organizations. Curtail your contacts to a minimum. Be very careful when working with documents. Don't get involved in anything that requires precision and meticulousness. Don't expect anyone to keep their promise. Avoid extravagant decisions and don't be arrogant - this will play a bad trick on you.

Leo - Today you're going to win yourself popularity in business circles. The time is right for financial operations and making deals. Everything related to real estate and food products will lead to success. Your business collaboration with partners of the opposite sex will lead to unforeseen success.


Virgo - Your emotional needs are leading you to guaranteed success. Even so, there will be difficulties if your ego and emotions are at odds. Don't allow them to make you lose your focus - keep following the road you've taken to. Distance yourself from everything happening around you. Only in this way will you manage to gain a new perspective on what is happening. You have a tendency to react based on your unresolved problems and subconscious desires.

Libra - You are brimming with vitality, energy and the desire to take part in all kinds of competitions and contests. You'll be capable of resolving every problem with ease. Your daily life and business obligations may be quite hectic but this shouldn't stop you. You'll receive support and praise. Contact with federal institutions and the discussion of monetary issues will conclude successfully.

Scorpio - Critical business issues will finally be resolved today. New ideas and the desire for creative expression will take hold in you. Friends and coworkers will proclaim you a leader. Relationships at the workplace are prosperous. Utilize the day's energy to resolve the problems around capital investments and risky financial operations.

Sagittarius - Your ego will prevail today, leading to extremely negative results. Get a rein on your emotions. It's the only way to give the opportunity for new prospects to come into your life. Try to balance things. Meditate or carry out spiritual practices. You're reacting too sharply to everything, the reason being your subconscious desires and unresolved problems.

Capricorn - You're nervous, scatter-brained and feeling an incredibly strong unwillingness to work. The reason for your bad mood is a letter. Expect unpleasant conversations and unsuccessful negotiations today. An unsuitable obsession is leading to tiny perplexities. Your decisions at work, in your personal or intimate life also won't lead to anything good.

Aquarius - An all-encompassing positive aspect has seized you today. Its influence is bringing you luck in every possible aspect. You're beyond motivated to succeed and will indeed make it to the top. Balanced, positive and passionate, you're an example to everyone around you.

Pisces - You quickly change your mood and this is really getting in the way of your work. There's no one to give you a few inspiring words, you lack support and understanding. Others will oppose every initiative of yours. You're not following your schedule and are unable to formulate your to-do list. Expenses are on the rise. Don't make any deals, including financial ones. It would be best if you spent the day alone.

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