Your Horoscope for Today - May 13

The Moon in Leo today forms positive aspects with retrograde Mars and Saturn in Sagittarius. They will fuel the fire signs with energy and inspiration, who will then transmit them to the people around them.

Aries - Your ideas will be brilliant today and realizing them will bring you a ton of satisfaction. You're going to score marks at the workplace and this will soon bring you the desired promotion. Throughout the day you can get rid of unnecessary possessions.

Taurus - Your finances have need of your attention today. Try to pay off your debts so you don't have problems with them in the future. At work, only focus on tasks in which you feel in your element. Avoid overly complex and jumbled causes because today you won't be at your best.

Gemini - Friends and coworkers are going to be of incredible benefit to you today. Thanks to them you're going to avoid obstacles in your tasks and you're going to do an excellent job with your responsibilities. A new idea that they share with you today is going to completely preoccupy you.


Cancer - Today you're going to have a superb work day because you'll manage to get the maximum that you can, despite the fact that your plans will change at the last moment. The challenges are going to charge you with an ever greater drive and perseverance, in order for you to deal with them and make a strong impression in your bosses.

Leo - Today you're going to go back to your past but not to dwell in regret about times that won't ever return but to bask in the progress you've experienced. With your successes you may inspire a younger coworker or friend that's lost their motivation after a failure.

Virgo - Provocations are going to come from friends and colleagues throughout the entire day. Some of them may disappoint you because at the last moment they'll fail to make good on their arrangements that you've agreed upon a long time ago. Be enterprising in resolving problems and don't waste time arguing.

Libra - Today you're going to get ahead in your career only if you collaborate with your coworkers and seek their advice on important issues. Deals made today will bring you successes, while good news from friends may turn into an unexpected reason to celebrate.

Scorpio - Your efforts today will be rewarded only if you help with the projects of friends and colleagues. Try to contribute with your abilities to read between the lines and spot important details before others do. Give advice and ideas because they will be extremely beneficial to others.


Sagittarius - All news today will be exceptionally important to you because they will show you how to get through the challenges faster and easier. Take today's information into consideration and you're going to have a lot less worries in the future. Romance will also dominate your day and make those in a relationship incredibly happy.

Capricorn - The day is ideal for those in the field of marketing, who buy or sell. Deals made today will be successful, even if they seem too risky at the beginning. The experience you've stockpiled will also have its say and won't let you make new mistakes.

Aquarius - Leadership is in your blood today and at work you're going to lead your coworkers to remarkable successes. But you're going to have arguments with family members who won't agree so easily with your point of view. You're going to butt heads with stubborn people at home who have no intention of giving ground.

Pisces - You're going to be dynamic at work today and impress others with your activity. The reason for it is that a certain project you've been given will spark your passion and push you to work with a great desire. You'll also be met with the support of loved ones, thereby motivating you even more to realize your ideas.

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