Your Horoscope for Today - May 4

Today, Mars forms a tense square with Neptune, warning us that we need to refrain from making paramount decisions about the future.

Still, the presence of the Sun and Venus in Taurus give us a ray of hope for some unexpected luck, but only for representatives of the Earth signs.

Aries - The planets aren't particularly benevolent toward you. Today you won't be able to lie around in bed, dreaming of becoming an overachieving movie star. Instead, you'll have to get up, put on your clothes and work hard if you wish to keep your good job.

Taurus - You're faced with making a fateful decision and will have need of the support of loved ones. You have to carefully think over the proposal you're going to receive because it will change your life at its very core. You have an opportunity for getting rich unexpectedly.

Gemini - You feel inspired and put in a lot of creativity in your work, which won't go unnoticed by your higher ups. Don't worry about the bold ideas that will come to you today because they will be met with their due attention. You will receive unexpected support.

Cancer - The circumstances will force you to act outside your comfort zone and surprisingly to many, you'll do an excellent job, despite the initial difficulties and reservations of others. You may receive an exciting new job offer.

Leo - You are experiencing a certain dissatisfaction from your intimate life but it is you alone who are at fault for this. You should have paid more attention to your partner a long time ago, instead of running around with friends. It's not too late to make amends.


Virgo - Let your intuition lead you today and you won't go wrong. Later you'll have plenty of time available to reassess the situation and see that you've made the optimal decision given the situation. Avoid conflicts at the workplace.

Libra - You're longing for a vacation but there's no way for you to leave your work right now because you're already quite behind on the projects you're working on as is. Unexpected difficulties will take you outside the regular beaten path but you'll handle them quickly.

Scorpio - Contrary to popular opinion, you are a loyal friend and loving partner who would do anything to make their sweetheart happy. You find yourself in an excellent mood today and decide to invite your beloved on a romantic getaway that you've both long been dreaming of.

Sagittarius - You're used to going out of your way for others and this sometimes literally drains your vital energies from you. You have a need of a long and well-deserved rest. A short vacation or romantic getaway are just the thing for you. Luck is on your side, maybe it's time to play the lottery?

Capricorn - A strange day awaits you, one that will begin unusually and end unexpectedly. Try to remove yourself from today's events and focus on your work because you have a lot of catching up to do at work.

Aquarius - You feel worried about your financial status and with good reason. You've been spending more than you earn for a long while now and it's time to get a rein on your shopping addiction. The revenue you'll receive will barely be enough for you to pay off your loans for the past month.

Pisces - Try not to look for the ultimate meaning of things and grand scheme of the Universe at least for a day. Focus your attention on the prosaic problems, such as paying your electric, phone bills and so on. You'll be forced to finish something you've long been postponing and this will eat up the first half of your day.

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