Numerology Prognosis Until January 3rd

To find out what numerology has in store for you this coming week calculate your personal number. It is the sum of the date, month and year of your birth. Keep adding up the digits until you get a single digit number or 11 or 22.

1 - This week you might feel that things will never be as good as they were before. You'll be dogged by fear and anxiety, in most cases unfounded. Accept that every end is a new beginning. Life is an endless stream of energy and the opportunity to dive into happy moments at any time opens before you. Look at how children and animals accept everything happening around them and let these serve as an example.

2 - You have need of some diversity and a change of pace. Some of you will be quite bored and distracted at the workplace. Get up early, complete your routine activities in the morning and free up your afternoons for more fun. Flirts are possible but before you try, think whether it's wise. The time is suitable for planning a family party.

3 - A personal or professional engagement will swallow up a great portion of your time. Don't hide away your opinion but be diplomatic when expressing strong and extreme viewpoints. It's possible that you learn more about your family history, including well-kept secrets. Keep an ear open to the advice of people younger than you this weekend.

4 - A verbose and annoying person will shake up your otherwise temperamental nature this week. Your earthly attitude may make you slightly worried and anxious. You may not realize it but sometimes you are a bit too sentimental. Throw away unneeded memories from your mind, as well as items from your home that have been clogging it up for years. It's not a bad thing to keep old memories - just be a bit more organized.

5 - Someone you care about will continue to burden you with their own problems and concerns. This stems from a feeling of vulnerability. For there to be any benefit out of your conversations help the person feel safe. Family get-togethers and parties will be loads of fun. Getting close to old friends and relatives, as well as new friendships, will all be beneficial and solidify your relationship with them. Someone you don't know may wish to get to know you better.

6 - The energy of this week brings clarity and excitement, even in the daily routine. The time is ideal for planning an adventure with friends, your kids or a romantic date with your beloved. Even if you have a ton of responsibilities, find time for as much fun as possible. Talk with others face to face. Try to avoid insignificant disagreements.

7 - The dark cosmic energy this week provides you the opportunity for true integrity. Jealousy or the idea of revenge will be a mistake. Try to forgive others' mistakes and don't hold them guilty for your responsibilities and promises. Be patient, especially if your plans don't work out or you face certain restrictions. To achieve success you'll have to take several steps back.

8 - This week will teach you a lesson in communication with others. Accept that you aren't always right. If you continue to claim that your opinion is the most important, others will stop talking to you. This limits the sharing of genuine feelings and blocks true intimacy. The interests of the family need to be your #1 priority at the end of the week.

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9 - This week your innate compassion will rise to new heights. You'll have the opportunity to change the life of an elderly or sick individual. It is an excellent time to begin a community project or event. The more you help others the better you'll feel. The risk of accidents increases if you're angry or rushing too much. Be slow and cautious, especially while driving.

11 - For you this will be the week of important lessons. You may feel an anxiety born out of your fear to look realistically at the situation. Even if you pretend that everything is all right, you won't save yourself from the extremely emotional moments. Free yourself from the past and look toward what the future has to offer. You'll be truly happy if you manage to be more trusting. Do everything you can to relax and know that you're surrounded by love - all you need to do is rediscover it.

22 - Before you lies a lucky and quite active week. Meet up with friends, dedicate yourself to charity and family dinners - all this will enrich your life. Unrealistic expectations may be a source of negative feelings, so be sure to avoid them. Accept people and life as they are, without labeling them as good or bad, successful or not.

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