Capricorn Star Sign

The Fate of Capricorn

Capricorns need to remember that they must never allow events to take them by surprise. Their life's lesson is to learn to rely more on themselves instead of others.

The Capricorn carries with him the ambition of getting ahead and rising up. He is a follower of the saying, "Slowly but surely." Representatives of this zodiac sign are capable of persistent hard work and are very inventive.

They are focused and do not like wasting their time. They make good use of every single second in order to achieve a set goal. Their cherished goal is to win something big in life.


You can put your trust in a Capricorn but don't forget that they judge others quite strictly and don't forgive easily. They are unforgiving but rarely think of getting revenge. They are not especially helpful and are restrained and cold in their personal relationships.

They do not like poking their noses in other people's business and never allow anyone else to do the same. They know how to keep a secret. Capricorns are people of reason, their mind is always on the alert. Unfortunately, Capricorns usually see the pessimistic side of life and even though it may not be evident at first glance, they are extremely sensitive.

Representatives of this zodiac sign are protective, selfish, and sometimes even display an aggressive nature.

Capricorn hitchhiker

Capricorn needs to learn to overcome his pride, vanity, egotism and doubts. The life of those born under this star sign is loaded with obstacles and hardship. Oftentimes, it's as if they are born with the mentality of an adult and that is why they are more serious and introverted.

They do not hit it off easily in unfamiliar groups of people and it costs them a lot of effort to pretend to be kind. It's as though they put on a shield of some sort but deep in their hearts they long to be understood and loved. They are unmatched when it comes to endurance and even the difficulties provide them a kind of strange, bitter happiness.

The fields in which they would be able to find successful realization include those related to organization, planning, management, finances, architecture, construction, accounting and control.

Suitable professions for Capricorn are directors, organizers, executives, politicians, engineers, architects, administrators, accountants, editors or contractors.

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