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Capricorn is the Stingiest Zodiac Sign

Plamena M.Plamena M.

Some people say, "money doesn't buy happiness". Well, those persons are definitely not representatives of the stingiest zodiac sign. Stingy, avaricious, penny-pinching, greedy, skinflints - call them as you will. We're talking about Capricorns.

This earth sign is absolutely obsessed with money. They are fanatical about and slaves to their material status in life. They spend all of their conscious life in anguish about money. They accept only high-paying jobs that provide them sure and reliable income.

They also love working several jobs at once in order to earn as much money as possible, no matter the price paid - free time, sleep, family and friendships. The majority of them ensure their retirement while still young but despite this work until the very end.


One of the interesting tendencies in the life of a Capricorn is that he accumulates but doesn't spend. They get a strong sense of satisfaction in life from knowing that their money is there - in the bank or under the mattress. They don't feel the need to spend them, all they need to do is know that they're there. This keeps them alive.

Capricorn is constantly thinking about money and often becomes the object of humiliation because of his stinginess. He is aware of this but has his own reasoning behind it.

Capricorn has placed high goals and ambitions in front of him, which cannot be achieved if a person is sloppy. He considers his attitude toward money as wise and cautious.

Money Savings

Representatives of the zodiac sign of Capricorn will never risk with any unnecessary expenses and investments. Even when it comes to joyful occasions and celebrations, when every person loosens up and spends more or less, Capricorn gets away with a practical, rational and most importantly - frugal solution.

The biggest mistake and disappointment would be to ask a Capricorn for a money loan. Not only will he categorically refuse but he may even gaze in wonder at the insolence on your part. No matter how close you are, Capricorn never lends money to anyone. Ever.

Since stability is so important to them, especially financially, Capricorns are often accused of marrying someone only for their money. This is completely false - they only seek and find that which is inherent in their own selves. Their motives for this are entirely positive and don't conceal any kind of deception.

Despite his love of money, Capricorn does possess a generous heart. When he decides to surprise those he cares for most he doesn't hold back.

But when he makes large-scale purchases, he thinks deeply on everything beforehand. The people he hates most are those who live beyond their means.