Monthly Horoscope for July

This month, Mercury, the planet of communication, will be passing through the sign of Gemini. The full moon on July 12 may make old wishes come true, while the new moon on the 26th will lead to new goals.

Aries - Have fun but keep things under control

Be active this month, by going out more, practicing sports and having fun. Whatever you do however, don't act too seriously and don't take certain things too personally. After the 12th, your career will take a turn for the best but don't forget to keep everything around you under control.

Taurus - Don't jump to hasty conclusions

Be careful not to get fooled and not to make hasty conclusions about someone, for this can seriously affect your future in your profession. Starting on the 26th, dedicate yourself to your home, you can make small changes and remodel.

Gemini - Good fortune in finances

The full moon on the 12th will bring you good fortune in the financial aspect. After the 21st, you will be burdened with tasks and almost won't have any free time left. The new moon at the end of the month will provide you with something new and different, which will hold your attention for quite some time.


Cancer - You will help those close to you

Throughout the first half of the month, the people close to you will have need of your support, some of them will even expect you to solve all of their problems. Around the 23rd, there's a possibility of you falling victim to a serious deception but you will quickly discern myth from reality. After the 26th, you will get a new opportunity for additional income.

Leo - Luck is with you this month

This month, the luckiest members of the zodiac will be Leos. Throughout July, you will be in the spotlight and whatever you take up will come to pass. After the 22nd, your reputation among colleagues and those dear to you will visibly rise.

Virgo - You will fight for happiness on your own

You will begin to think more soberly this month, allowing you to look for ways by which to achieve what you want on your own. The important thing is to be patient and optimistic since your desires won't come to pass right away.

Libra - You are unduly sensitive this month

You may end up being disappointed by some people in the first week of July but this will be mainly due to your heightened sensitivity during those days. Misunderstandings in the home will be insignificant and after the 12th will vanish completely. At the end of the month, your energy will be boosted, so you can choose an activity to which you can fully dedicate yourself to.

Scorpio - Let some things take care of themselves

The details will infuriate you this month but there is no need for you to become excessively ambitious, simply let certain things work themselves out. Be patient with others and many people will be thankful even if you give them a small chance to prove themselves.

Sagittarius - New opportunities await you

After the 24th, new opportunities will be presented to you, which you haven't considered up until now. Your work and friends will grant you many wonderful experiences. Just avoid making promises without being able to judge beforehand whether or not you can keep them.


Capricorn - A new love is coming to you

At the beginning of July, you'll be exceptionally agitated, so the first few days of the month won't be very pleasant for you. After the 12th however, you'll sense a drastic change, with this turning point possibly being due to a new love. The advice for you is to only keep looking forward in order not to lose what you have already won.

Aquarius - Don't give in to your fears this month

Imaginary fears or low self-confidence can become the reason for your failures this month. You will receive small surprises around the 19th, which will bring you joy briefly. At the end of the month, you'll dedicate yourself entirely to your partner.

Pisces - You'll feel unnoticed

Throughout July, you'll have the feeling that those close to you aren't appreciating you enough. You'll feel unnoticed but it is important for you to know that your wishes cannot always be fulfilled with ease. The new moon at the end of the month will bring you small joys, which will take your mind off your routine.

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