Leo Woman and Taurus Man Love Compatibility

Taurus and Leo have a tendency to hold on to their partners tightly. Typically, this relationship lasts longer than many others, as both value loyalty and devotion, both have a lot to give to each another.

A Taurus man is basically a calm and composed person who is always ready to assume responsibilities and fulfill his obligations. A hardworking man who believes in reality and is almost always reasonable and balanced. He can show brute force and aggression when angered, but this is rare. In a relationship, he needs constant affection and loyalty to ensure that he is loved and appreciated. He is stubborn and his plans and ambitions cannot be changed for anyone, including even his beloved lady.

A Leo woman is a very generous, sophisticated person with all the womanly beauty in her aura. She is a natural leader and usually gets along smoothly with her surroundings, if things are in accordance with her will and needs. She always wants to be on top, to have power and control. In a relationship, she has the constant need to feel loved, as well as for praise and compliments. She respects her male Taurus, but at the same time expects the same respect from him.

A Leo woman always makes her Taurus proud and he likes to admire and care for his lady. Since her loyalty has much in common with his, she makes him feel safe and cared for. She always stands up for him and makes him feel proud of their progress. She is warm enough to make him happy forever. The Leo woman is a leader and almost always tends to override the loyalty and patience of the Taurus. This can create problems and strife among them.

The Taurus man is slow and cautious, disciplined and practical. He has a strong will and self-discipline. He is a man who makes his lioness feel great both personally and professionally. He meets all her financial needs and presents her with love and praise.

She simply needs love and the full attention of her guy, realizing that he craves only loyalty and devotion. When their relationship strengthens, both become more prone to give and receive love. Their union is blessed by nature and they are within such harmony and passion that they need no one else when they are together.

Sexual intimacy in Taurus and Leo is unique. He has a very deep and rich taste of sensuality, while she has a very strong type of passionate sexuality. He is deeply passionate and romantic with his Leo woman. Both have high demands in a sexual relationship, and although lovemaking is devoid of imagination, it is still powerful and strong enough to make her feel satisfied, in return for which he receives the most wonderful endearments from her.

Both will achieve sexual harmony after being assured of their loyalty to each other and the devotion they experience from their physical intimacy. There is always excitement in their physical relationship and both love how they give physical symbols of their love to one another, making their relationship stronger and more intimate with each passing day. A Leo woman is exactly the type that will fulfill all his unspoken desires. She is a wild lioness in bed and is happy to explore all the physical aspects of sex with him, without hesitation, making it an extremely sensual experience.

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Comments (2)

Lioness Foreal
Lioness Foreal
19.02.2013 15:44
Oh yes...I can in like with a Taurus. He is the direct opposite of me in a good way. Im such a wild woman and moved by my emotions. He on the other hand doesnt allow his emotions to control him. He is stubborn like me but it can be a turn on because I like the fight and drama of it all. Im used to other signs giving in to me with a snap of my beautifully manicured fingers. The Taurus guy is FORCING me to enjoy the chase and to be more patient...Grrrrr...but its worth it at the end. Taurus men wont be pushed around and its so true the more I push him the harder he resists. So because im a Lioness, I wont let him win, but rather let him THINK he has!! Then I get my way. Hey whatever works, he keeps his ego in tact and I keep my pride!! The sex is the!!! Taurus men like sexy, confidence, soft intense caresses and beauty...And Leo girls got all that and some. Taurus men are so passionate in bed. Taurus men have a stare that will send chills up your spine. Its like they want to posses every part of your body!! I want this to last but I know it will take compromise from us both. Its o.k. Leo can resist being on top ALL the time especially when it comes to your man.
11.01.2013 03:38
This is so on point, I am In love with a Taurus man he doesn't know it though he is the sweetest man I've ever met. He a 36 year old Taurus I am a 39 year old Leo Women. He is so balanced and reserved I love that about him. This is my soulmate I'm just going to relax and allow the flower to bloom.

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