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Sagittarius Woman and Leo Man Love Compatibility

Jana G.Jana G.

The Sagittarius woman was born to be with a Leo man. The compatibility between this pair is almost 100%. Both partners love the pleasures in life.

They share the same tastes in many areas. Both can display generosity and the most important thing - their life flows to the same rhythm, since both signs are ruled by fire.

Both have the same needs, the same dreams and vices. This couple will follow their dreams, without having any fear of the obstacles which may get in their way.

Love compatibility

They will build a life, which according to their views will be perfect. They won't stay home alone together but will want to share their happiness with the whole world.

They will support each other, which will help them achieve great successes. But they cannot work in the same place, since their rivalry at work will affect their relations.

The Leo man enjoys being adored by his partner. He will be easily seduced by the female Sagittarius. The Leo man will expect the Sagittarius woman to put him on a pedestal and to constantly show him her admiration.


But the Sagittarius woman must be conquered before she idolizes a man. This is good news for the Leo, since he doesn't like easy prey. For him it is a pleasure to fight for the woman he likes.

Both partners must be prepared for all kinds of bumps in their relationship but they will overcome them with ease. Their connection is truly strong and there would need to be an incredibly serious clash between them for them to break up.

These fire signs love to test the feelings of their partner because they have a fear of entrusting their heart to the wrong person. They will constantly play a game of cat and mouse until they are convinced that they have made the right choice. Then they will regret the hours of happiness they had wasted in testing their partner.

The Leo would be incredibly foolish if he tries to roughly manipulate the Sagittarius woman. The main battle between them will be over power, for each one of them wants to lead the other and make decisions instead of they.