Mole on Face

Moles are scars from a previous life

Moles appear on the body of the baby after birth. Usually, these are signs of a past life - the place had ha a wound. In hypnosis , with people returning to their previous incarnations, it turns out you have moles exactly where you were injured.

Sometimes, these wounds were lethal. Some moles are old scars from branding made in the previous lives of the people.

Moles that look like human faces, make their owner have the feeling that someone is constantly watching him. Such people are very conscientious and blame themselves for all failures.


A mole in the form of lips is a sign that life will be good to the person and will always surprise them well. Women with such a mole will want to know the future and will be constantly going to mediums. People with such a mole are lucky.

Such people need strong support from their families. They often turn for advice to friends and do what they advise, even if he or she feels that it is incorrect.

Moles on the head are the best location for a sign of a previous life, no matter what shape or size they are. Moles on the head help you be independent.

A mole located on the shoulder, helps you easily overcome life's difficulties, as if someone else takes upon themself the duty of care.

Moles on the back foreshadow conspiracy by enemies, this person will have to cope alone with intrigues and overcome long-standing feuds.

Moles on the face provoke their owner to reckless actions. A mole on the chest dooms love to pains. A mole on the belly is a sign that you should be more attentive to your health.

A mole on your butt, says that one can easily fall into a ridiculous situation. A mole on the inner thighs predicts love failures.

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Comments (4)

28.01.2015 14:40
Mole on my penis. What dies it indicate ? :P
02.01.2015 19:54
If I remove badluck mole can it change my destiny...
joyce tamille casillano
joyce tamille casillano
22.02.2013 11:00
i have lots of big black moles in my right cheeks, one inside my eyes and on my left chest and on my back.i still have more moles in different part of my body.
Saurabh Lakra
Saurabh Lakra
02.10.2012 09:45
Got a mole on the belly, butt and inner thighs.

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