Heinrich Himmler

Heinrich Himmler's Secret Archive Found

Documents and letters from one of the leaders of Nazi Germany during World War II - Heinrich Himmler, were found in a private home in Israel.

The archive contains possessions, letters and documents from the period of 1927 up until a few weeks before the high-ranking leader's suicide in 1945 in Berlin.

The Nazi leader had also stored unpublicized pictures and notes in his secret archive.

The find was analyzed by experts in Germany, with the authenticity confirmed, and the contents of the letters found to hold a tremendous historical value.


The majority of the hundreds of letters were written to Himmler's wife - Margarete. A great part of Himmler's correspondence also includes many so-far unknown documents, exchanged with his adopted son.

Many of the letters are signed as "dad" or "Heini" - Himmler's pet name. The letters are identical to the safeguarded documents of the Nazi in the archive of the German federal agencies.

The discovered documents give a clear picture of the personal thoughts of the person under whose supervision were committed some of the most horrendous atrocities of the Nazis.

The early letters look like completely normal love letters, but Himmler's staunch anti-Semitism is also insinuated in them.


He and Margarete officially divorced in 1940, after which the Nazi leader began living with his secretary.

The archive is property of the father of Vanessa Lapa - a famous Israeli director/documentalist. A few years ago, in Dachau, she interviewed Katrin Himmler (granddaughter of Ernst, brother of Heinrich Himmler), who is married to an Israeli Jew.

Heinrich Himmler was one of the most influential politicians of the Third Reich and member of the inner circle of the dictator Adolf Hitler.

Beginning in 1936, he became leader of the secret police in Germany - the Gestapo.

Up until the final days of the complete destruction of Germany during the war, Himmler believed in the "final victory".

On May 20, 1945, he gave himself up under a false name. 3 days later, prior to being searched for poisonous pills, he admitted that he was Heinrich Himmler and killed himself using a poison capsule.

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