Five Myths about Genghis Khan

Five Myths about Genghis Khan


Undoubtedly one of the most controversial historical figures is the founder of the Mongol empire - Genghis Khan. He's been accredited with countless atrocities, the destruction of entire empires, cultures and nations, but also many acts of heroism. . .



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Emperors - The Rise and Fall of Caligula

The Rise and Fall of Caligula


Caligula was the 3rd Emperor to rule the Roman Empire after it became a monarchy. His birth name was Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus Germanicus. Caligula ordered a tax on prostitution and even opened a whorehouse in the palace itself.

Emperors - Napoleon had a phobia of cats

Napoleon had a phobia of cats


All great men have their fears and phobias. French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte had a fear of cats. Phobia of cats is called Felinophobia. This phobia was not unique to Napoleon.

Emperors - People buried alive with the emperor in China

People buried alive with the emperor in China


In ancient times in China many have been engaged in mass murder. It was a sacrifice offered to a deceased emperor. When the ruler died from the Qing Dynasty along with him were buried alive 177 people

Emperors - Attila the Hun

Attila the Hun


Across the lobby of a violent history gush legends of Attila, the King of the Huns. Attila was quite different from most of the emperors who relied on a great deal of pomposity.

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