What Percentage of our Brain do We Really Use?

What Percentage of our Brain do We Really Use?
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One of the biggest myths about the brain is that humans use just 10% of its potential. This myth has become so deeply ingrained in the consciousness of so many that more than 60% of all people blindly believe it.

This is perhaps due to the fact that people love the idea that at any given moment they may magically become more intelligent, more inventive or improve their creative capabilities.

But scientists have busted this myth long ago. In reality, humans use 100% of their brain, just not their whole brain all of the time. Proof of this are all the brain scans done with a nuclear magnetic resonance, which show which parts of the brain become active while performing various tasks and even while thinking about different things.

Even when a person is unconscious or sleeping, their brain is working at full capacity, making them breathe, regulating body temperature, processing information absorbed throughout the day and much more.

It's important to note that the brain, which comprises just 3-5% of our total body mass uses up nearly 20% of all the energy in the body. The human brain is the most powerful computer, capable of carrying out 10 trillion operations per second, according to Masaru Emoto.

This means that we essentially possess an unlimited capacity for absorbing new knowledge and skills, new information. Every second of our existence our brain processes 400 billion bits of information, even though we are only aware of 1/2000th of it.

Thinking and consciousness remain the greatest mystery for science. They are concentrated in 17% of our brain volume, in the prefrontal cortex. The remaining 83% of our brain make up our subconscious. It is in fact these 83% that work hard throughout the night when we sleep, when we think that we're doing nothing at all.


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