Which Gemstones are Suitable for Libra?

Which Gemstones are Suitable for Libra?
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Representatives of the sign of Libra have been endowed with a soft and easygoing character, as well as with a supreme vital activity which borders on adventurousness. They have a well developed imagination, as well as noteworthy abilities relating to law and math. Temperate in their actions and pleasures, they bet on harmony and a peaceful life.

Regardless of the fact that they may seem soft of character in the eyes of others, Libras born during the 1st 10-day period are independent and do not put up with any pressure over their actions. Gemstones suitable for them are ones that further their creativity and fantasy, such as tourmaline, smoky topaz and pink coral.

Libras born during the 2nd 10-day period are humble and quiet types, with a knack for aesthetics and musical talent which has a need of serious encouragement. These Libras can only live in a fully harmonious environment and when that's not the case they can literally become physically sick.

It's good for them to carry aquamarine, light green or pink tourmaline, as well as smoky quartz and topaz.

Libras born during the 3rd 10-day period are remarkably diverse. Some are energetic, businesslike and even authoritative, others are gentle, loving and creatively gifted persons. What they have in common is their tendency to periodically fall into a hypochondria.

That is why they need to put their trust in stones such as diamond and opal, that activate common sense, and also amethyst, which enables spiritual growth.


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