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Yearly Horoscope 2018 for Libra


Expect a stable year in the material sense. You're going to earn money more easily, while your investments succeed as long as they're made with the support of a partner.

You have the opportunity to noticeably increase your earnings throughout the New Year but to do so you'll have to be bolder and take risks. Don't expect money to suddenly start raining down on you during your daily routine.

Face your fears related to finances and material possessions, without necessarily trying to hold on to what you've got at all costs but instead making room for something new.

During 2018, a great portion of your understanding related to material goods will be turned on its head. You're going to be able to look more broadly at things instead of focusing on a single item.

Over the course of the year you'll be able to surround yourself with many new items, to spoil yourself more and provide pleasure to your senses. But be careful not to become too dependent because this would impact you negatively.

Enjoy your prosperity with money and material possessions but don't become attached to the point where you might panic at the thought of losing them. They are material resources after all and will run out eventually but imagine something better appearing in their stead.

Nursing Home

In 2018, you're going to have to be more responsible and serious with regard to home and family. It's time to settle, to let roots grow; if you're not disciplined enough on this issue you're going to experience complications.

The year will allow you to warm your relations with your parents or you may have to care for one of them. Don't flee from responsibility because it will come back twofold later on.

Expect great difficulties and challenges in the home as well. If you've planned any kinds of projects there, you may face delays and postponements but look at these as an opportunity to correct mistakes on time in order to avoid unpleasant surprises years later.

The year is going to teach you how to be a responsible parent and head of the family, regardless of whether you actually have kids or not. Use the opportunities to learn unconditional love, how to care for others and how to create a comfortable space.