What are People Born on Friday Like?

What are People Born on Friday Like?
Image: mysteries24.com

People born on Friday are under the influence of the planet of love and beauty - Venus. They are distinguished by a strong magnetism which attracts others from an early age, even though they might not be the most attractive.

People born on Friday are the stay-at-home type. They adore their family and home and seek the company of those closest to them.

Generally, those under the patronage of Venus are gifted with a talent for speaking and can do so for hours, until they annoy even the most patient of individuals willing to listen to them. But at the same time they manage to bring together people of dissenting opinions and outlooks on life around them.

People born on Friday are leaders. They have a well developed sense of responsibility and often have a tendency to take on the care of others - to adopt a child or create a charity. They are compassionate and generous, but also vain, especially the representatives of the fairer sex.


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