What Does it Mean if your Nose Itches?

What Does it Mean if your Nose Itches?
Image: mysteries24.com

What does it mean if your nose starts to itch? Does it imply happiness or hardships and problems to come? No matter how much we deny it, we are all superstitious - some more than others. An itchy nose invokes some of the greatest superstitions.

There exist all sorts of superstitions about what to expect if you get an itch somewhere. The most common superstition if your nose begins to itch is that you will have an argument in the very near future. To avoid trouble, you need to lightly tap your nose. If the tip of your nose itches, this is a sure sign of troubles ahead.

According to some, there are 2 possible ways of interpreting an itchy nose - if it itches on the outside and if it itches on the inside. In Anglo-Saxon beliefs, if the nose itches on the inside it means that you will either meet or kiss a fool within an hour.

This is quite a remarkable superstition, and to avoid it you have to kiss your own hand. An itchy nose on the inside is an indicator of upcoming problems and misfortunes, although others interpret it as a sign of good news as well.


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