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My Life must be a mess

My Life must be a mess
I need to go for a run. I'm tired and moody and I'm not in the frame of mind to run, but I feel like I have to. I normally like to run beside water, and I live near rivers. In order for me to get to the river, I have to go through an abandoned lot... it's messy, dark, shady, unkempt... it's not attractive. The ground is soggy and uneaven.

I remember feeling annoyed that I had to go through this abandoned lot- but I think I had to because the road I'd normally take was inaccesible. On the other side of the lot there is an opening on to a back lane, and I can see the road(s) I should take to get me to the river. But it's a 3-way stop, and in each direction, there are dogs barking loudly and seem menacing to me. They are tied up, but their chains are long enough that they could potentially harm me, so I decide to take the back lane.

3 houses down on the right, there is a garbage box, where a polar bear is laying on its back, playfully shooting water from it's mouth (the bear is every bit as real as it could be, but the act of the shooting water was almost comical!). I'm amused by this and stop for a moment, so I don't frighten him. And then I continue quietly, hoping it doesn't feel a need to charge at me... but somehow this seemed the safer option than going near the dogs. I feel like I'm being followed and I turn around to see the polar bear staring right at me. I silently beg for it not to harm me. It charges. My immediate reaction is to turn and bolt. I turn, and freeze. Then I turn back and face the charging polar bear. I think for a moment that I'm going to die. So I drop instead, flat on my stomach and play dead. I can't stop breathing for full effect, but somehow I trust I will be okay. He sniffs me a few times, bats at me playfully twice, and I wake.

2 things- I am in a city (In real life and in the dream). I am no where near polar bear country (again as in life and the dream).


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Spudds McGee
Spudds McGee
28.09.2012 22:36
I had a very similar dream once. I think that the polar bear represents your debt. Debt collectors are also represented in your dream as the dogs. They may not harm you physically, but they will certainly "hound" you. It seems that you should make an attempt to live cheaper. When I had a similar dream, I refinanced my house and the dream went away. I am not sure if you have this option. Either way, space travel seems to be in your future.
20.09.2012 14:25
Your dream represents your real life. The 3-way stop are 3 important decisions you will have to take. Each road (decision) will be difficult, as the dogs signify coming problems. Dont be scared to take one of the 3 roads, the dogs didn't bite you, its a good sign.