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Super Blue Blood-Moon to Shine on January 31

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Blood Moon

For the first time in 150 years, we're going to be witnessing 2 coinciding lunar events at the end of January. On the night of January 31, sky gazers will be able to observe a blue moon and a blood moon.

A total lunar eclipse is going to coincide with a full moon, the 2nd one for the month of January. The last time these 2 events occurred simultaneously was 150 years ago.

On January 31, we'll be able to witness a blue moon, which just like the wolf moon at the beginning of the month will occur during the moon's perigee. This is also known as a supermoon because Earth's only satellite will be closer and brighter than usual - just 223 068 miles (358 994 kilometers) away.

Earth's moon will appear 14% larger and 30% brighter compared to other nights. And since there's also going to be a lunar eclipse on that date, the moon's color will slowly change to a blood-red, while its brightness will decrease progressively, hidden behind Earth's shadow.


The lunar eclipse will last 3 1/2 hours, while the Moon will be completely invisible for 77 min. The phenomenon will be best visible from the Pacific basin, Alaska, Northeast Canada and Central Asia.

Over Central and North America, West Asia, India, the Middle East and Eastern Europe, the lunar eclipse will be partial.

In North America, the phenomenon will be visible early morning on February 1, reports

The next coinciding blue and blood Moon will occur in the year 2028 and although there's more supermoons to come, scientists are categorical that its concurrence with a lunar eclipse isn't one to miss.