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Weird Moon Dream

Weird Moon Dream
Can any one explain what did I see apart from biblical 2:20 the coming of the days of the lord and apocalypse.


It was mid day and I was at my aunt's house. Their was some wedding funtion there with bride groom and being from well to do rather powerful families like bureaucrats etc. and I was running around in towel to find a pair of cloths to put on and was embarrassed when every one saw me towel.

Then I looked at the sky and it was weird. It looked like sun and moon were next to each other. Moon been reddish, full and sun's brightness was dimmed. Next moment when I looked up sun was broken or cresented.

I could see dark spots on sun and it was like falling out of sky towards earth. I went to bring a camera ( and heard my mother telling me not to use aunt's camera and me telling her back I forgot my camera)and came back to see only moon all reddish and then after some time the other thing which I think was sun was again there.


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Larry M. Dudley
Larry M. Dudley
14.08.2012 03:54
I am not sure but I sent you a private message dealing with your dream.

But just in case since I am still learning how this site operates with my iPad so I will post a comment as well about your dream.

Look, you need to get a electronic bible so you can do a key word search search for these key words in what ever bible your belief is based under( judaism, Christianity,Sabean/Sabiean Hinduism, Muslim) you will find your references for sure I know I done looked them up. And thank you this testimony of yours is just another to add to my collection over the years.