The Most Famous Male Prostitutes in HistoryThe Most Famous Male Prostitutes in History
22 Apr.
via their charm, or even those from most recent history, including Belle de Jour and Xaviera Hollander, who influenced all of pop culture....
The Most Famous AsteroidsThe Most Famous Asteroids
19 Nov.
Here are the most famous asteroids after Ceres. 87 Sylvia. It has a diameter of 162 miles. It was discovered on May 16, 1866 and is actually a system of 3 asteroids. 243 Ida....
The most famous ghostsThe most famous ghosts
01 Mar.
Accidentally he photographed one of the most famous pictures of the ghost - a monk with a long beard and pale face. Experts have looked and pronounced it authentic....
The Most Famous Millionaire-KillersThe Most Famous Millionaire-Killers
20 Mar.
Perhaps the most famous millionaire-killer on the list is John Eleuthère du Pont, who in 1996 shot and killed wrestler and Olympic gold medal winner Dave Schultz in cold blood....
The most famous Greek mythsThe most famous Greek myths
07 Dec.
Among the most popular myths is that of Daedalus and Icarus. Daedalus was a famous sculptor and his son was Icarus....
The Most Famous Guidebooks about DeathThe Most Famous Guidebooks about Death
21 Nov.
Book of Arda Viraf The Book of Arda Viraf is seen as the Iranian version of Dante's Divine Comedy. It is holy to followers of Zoroastrianism, its author wise and legendary....
Most famous GhostsMost famous Ghosts
21 June
One of the most famous ghosts is the Flying Dutchman - this is not a man, but a commercial fishing vessel from the seventeenth century, that took a course at sea....
The Most Evil Women in HistoryThe Most Evil Women in History
27 Jan.
Elizabeth Báthory (1516 - 1558) Hands-down, one of the most terrifying serial killers in history, regardless of sex, was Hungarian noblewoman Elizabeth Báthory....
The Most Heated Rivalries in HistoryThe Most Heated Rivalries in History
20 Jan.
War of the Brushes The painters Caravaggio and Giovanni Baglione also led one of the most famous historical rivalries, starting in the year 1600....
The Most Ambitious Robberies in HistoryThe Most Ambitious Robberies in History
17 Oct.
Below you can read about the rest of the largest, most ambitious robberies in human history. 1....
The Messages in Salvador Dali's Most Famous PaintingThe Messages in Salvador Dali's Most Famous Painting
14 Aug.
The most famous painting by Spanish artist Salvador Dali is The Persistence of Memory. The messages found in the elements of this masterpiece are seen as crucial for Surrealism....
The Most Fearsome Women in History - the Dahomey AmazonsThe Most Fearsome Women in History - the Dahomey Amazons
04 May
Researchers theorize that Dahomey Amazon history owes its origins to the 17th century, when the regiment was initially used only to hunt elephants....
Bracelets Throughout the CenturiesBracelets Throughout the Centuries
06 July
The history of bracelets can be traced from the Middle Ages of medieval Europe, through the Baroque era of the 18th century up until today....
The Most Evil Mother-in-Laws in Recorded HistoryThe Most Evil Mother-in-Laws in Recorded History
23 June
Then take a peak at our list of the 3 most evil mother-in-laws known in history - they may even make the mother of your husband/wife seem like an angel....
The history of the Sumerian civilizationThe history of the Sumerian civilization
08 Dec.
This culture emerged out of nowhere, and now we can not say a lot about the Sumerians. The Sumerian civilization discovered many valuable inventions for the world. The inventions of the Sumerians include writing, agricultural...

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