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The Sun and Mercury create conjunction in Virgo, which will incite you to action. Today, try to do as many positive things as possible.

The aspect will allow you to take important and logic-based decisions. Analyze the circumstances carefully and trust this new information. You will hear quite reasonable and beneficial proposals.

The day is suitable for gaining new knowledge, creating new contacts and working with people who share your interests.

Make a list of all of the things you need to do from the very morning and try to stick to your schedule. You'll be able to find solutions for the causes and problems which have been causing you headaches.


Bring part of your high ideals down to earth today, while thinking realistically about part of your big dreams. Resources and support will come from the most unexpected areas, as long as your dedicated enough to your cause. Concentrate on 1 task at a time so that you can develop and work with dedication on it.


Attract the attention of others with your ideas today. Some of them may turn out to be brilliant and perfectly timed, as long as you try to be brave and share them openly. You may earn great spoils from your work and friendships if you clearly express what's on your mind.


Pay attention to the spontaneous emotions that occur today. They will show you how to strengthen your self-confidence and allow you the opportunity to get to know yourself better. Don't try to cast out the unpleasant memories and facts you don't like, instead try to accept them as reality and adapt to the new conditions.


Your relationships with others around you will be facing a crisis. However, the differences you'll encounter will allow you to find out with whom its time to end your relationships with. Try to expand your social network and seek out people who make you smile and share your interests.


Your partnerships today will turn out to be the creative engine thanks to which you'll get your professional projects in motion and win additional money. Accept the fact that 2 heads are better than 1 and share ideas with the person next to you. Focus on the most reasonable of these and work on carrying them out.


Have the courage to do something unusual, with which you'll break free of the bonds of your usual routine. A single divergence from your usual everyday life will instill many new ideas and a fresher perspective on reality. Provide your mind something new to occupy itself with over the next few weeks.


Today you'll be able to show the side of your character that you usually keep hidden. Busy yourself with creative pastimes and hobbies that bring you joy because they will reveal the talents that others had assumed you had. Try to be sincere in your conversations today because when you clearly state your problems you'll feel relief.


Be generous toward others around you today. Show your friends and loved one how much they mean to you and encourage them to do something more extraordinary. Your social networks today will stimulate you to look more positively at reality, while the fact that you'll be able to help will make you feel satisfied.


Professional realization will be attracting your attention today as well. But instead of acting alone, share your ideas with friends. They will help you concentrate best on the new ideas. Be consistent. Once you start something be sure to seek collaboration if you feel doubts.


Don't ignore the offers for fun today because some of them may turn out to be quite profitable. Even though you're completely devoted to your job, change things up a bit today. Meeting new people and social events will provide you many new ideas and information that you can use in your projects.


Try to think more about your own interests today. Focus on your own life and dreams and briefly forget taking care of others around you. The best example you can give others is to take care of yourself. Show others your beliefs, while applying them to your own life as well.


Write down your best ideas and don't let your thoughts just dissipate without a trace. You can boost the creative side of your character and inspire yourself to reach new achievements if you follow your impulses. Work on everything that comes to mind, then later you'll figure out which of the projects are really worth pursuing.

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