What to Expect in Your Weekly Horoscope Until September 16


The new week begins with Venus entering Scorpio. The planet of love in the sign of deep emotions will boost our passionate desires and bring suppressed emotions out in the open.

When it comes to love relations, we may be more prone to fits of jealousy, while singles will start relationships that will develop quite dynamically and unexpectedly. Tensions will escalate easily and secrets will be revealed.

Drastic changes are also possible in finance. Expect unplanned expenses, which will force you to reorganize your budget and seek additional sources of income. Unexpected earnings are also possible.

The earthly energy will continue its strong influence this week as well, that same one that pushes us to find order in the chaos and act wisely.

Aries - Focus on your professional ambitions

This week, as ever, your professional realization is going to be a leading subject for you. Use the opportunities to seize more prestigious positions or a promotion that will bring you moral and financial satisfaction. However, communication with others around you is not going to be easy at all. You'll be left with the feeling that others are testing your patience but will be able to clearly pinpoint who you can and cannot trust.

Taurus - A period of severe extremes awaits you

This week you'll be able to rely on the caring of others. Your social activity will win you new friends and help you develop your ideas the way you truly want to. When it comes to work, expect competition, as you'll have to fight tooth and nail for your positions. Significant changes that will affect you are coming and you'll have to think rationally to avoid suffering terrible losses. In your partner relationships, there will also be a period of extremes.

Gemini - You'll have to work harder

An opportunity for developing your plans in a more positive direction opens before you this week. There isn't going to be a lack of stress due to upcoming surprises, new requirements or renegotiation of conditions. You'll have to work harder this week in order to develop whatever it is that you want. Those around you will simultaneously encourage and annoy you. Be more flexible and don't resist the changes.

Cancer - Listen to what others are saying

This week you'll be able to strengthen your connection to the people around you. Correct your behavior and make certain compromises because this will be beneficial for you. The information flow this week is going to be intensive, so it will be wise for you to listen to the news and conversations going on around you. They will show you the weakest links that you need to fix. It's time to think about what to invest your time in.

Leo - Adapt to the new

Expect changes at the workplace this week. These changes could be to your advantage, as long as you adapt quickly. Seek the support and advice of your family. A tense period is coming in your personal relationship. If you've had differences with your partner, they will rise to the fore this week. Try to be more tolerant toward their opinion and don't do anything that may hurt them.

Virgo - Pursue your personal interests

Focus on your personal interests this week. If you pursue your desires you may achieve more prestigious positions or fall under the guardianship of influential individuals. You can transform your daily life in a positive way if you openly declare what you want and clear things up with others. You may be burdened with additional tasks at the workplace.

Libra - Take more risks

A period during which you'll have to make important decisions is starting for you. These decisions will affect your financial status, personal and work contacts. If you have any financial worries, this week you'll be able to clearly determine the reasons that have led you to these problems. Any subject matter related to money will provoke tension but you need to be ready to fight for your interests and risk, in order to ensure more stability.

Scorpio - Announce your desires openly

Expect support from others this week. You'll be given a hand in order to realize some of your plans. But you will have to prove that you truly stand by your goals, that they're not just spontaneous impulses. Announce your desires openly to clear up certain misunderstandings and you will attract the right people to you. Changes are on the horizon, so it would be good for others around you to be clear on what you're aiming for.

Sagittarius - Big surprises are coming

In the days until September 16 you'll be uncovering secrets that will affect you on the emotional and financial level. Surprises at the workplace, turning points that will drive you off the beaten path and the emergence of more complex situations that you'll need to deal with are all possible. For the moment, don't assert your plans and strive to analyze every element of them before you act.

Capricorn - Communicate with more people

This week, communicate with people who aren't part of your inner circle as well because thanks to the new folks you'll be able to realize your greater ambitions. Try to organize all of the documents and causes related to your grand plans this week. The period is beneficial, so take advantage of it in order to resolve all of the conflicting situations related to work and the people around you.

Aquarius - Resolve the problems with your family

Try to clear up the quarrels with your family and those closest this week. Certain old problems will reappear or you'll uncover secrets that will force you to act more radically. Find the weak points in your communication with loved ones and remove them. In the financial aspect, watch out for fraud and limit your spending.

Pisces - Work with greater perseverance

You will need to experiment with new methods of action this week, in order to obtain results from your efforts. Set priorities for yourself since conditions aren't going to allow you to work on several things at once. Think about what will most benefit you and focus your energy in that direction. Persons of authority will support you, as long as they see that you're persistent and hardworking.

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