What Will Today`s July 6 Horoscope Bring you?


The Moon enters Aries today and will charge us with the necessary boldness and energy to start pursuing our greatest dreams. Now is the time to go after that which we most desire.

Start something new but also stock up on patience since Mars is retrograde and could slow the execution of your plans. Don't get upset if your dreams don't come true right away, instead keep trying until they do.

It's also a good piece of advice to carefully consider what you're going to be taking up, so it doesn't turn out that you're wasting your energy on something pointless. Meticulously review each of your ideas to make sure you're not wasting your time.


Today you're going to have the opportunity to finish an old project of yours that you hadn't any hope in. But try not to initiate conflicts in your desire to defend your positions. You're not going to like hearing criticisms for your decisions but if you give in to emotions you'll only complicate the situation.


You're going to handle the day's challenges if you use more nonstandard methods of action. The more creative you think, the faster and easier you'll get out of the complex situations. During the 2nd half of the day your self-esteem will rise and this will help you create new friendships and collaboration.


The day will allow you realize some of your plans and reach good results but you're going to have to work on your projects. To reach the final stretch of your dreams you'll need to devote yourself to them entirely. At day's end, devote your time to those closest to you, for they too have need of your attention.


Today it'd be best if you combined your efforts with people who share your interests in order to complete a given task. Look for support from others and use all of your contacts when facing some kind of difficulty. Schedule the more important meetings for the 1st part of the day because it's when you'll be able to find common ground with others around you more easily.


Today you're going to have to be more focused at work, even if it's a creative kind. The lack of concentration could lead to severe and serious mistakes. So try to focus on your tasks or surround yourself with people who would correct you before it's too late. Forget about having fun and spending money today, focus on something constructive instead.


Be more discrete regarding your future plans today. The less people that are familiar with your intentions the more likely you'll be able to complete them exactly as you'd like to. Listen carefully to what people are sharing with each other because one of them may inadvertently give you valuable advice. Avoid quarrels, instead seek compromises.


The day is going to serve you opportunities for realizing certain projects which had seemed without prospect until now. Think about the idea of collaboration and try to realize part of your plans with those close to you. If any reasons for disagreements arise, try to adhere to the essence of the matter and not get caught up in your differences.


Be more reserved when communicating with people in positions of authority and with your partners. Proving that you're valuable and irreplaceable will only set others against you. Remain cool-headed and try to work on what you've planned without attracting undue attention. The lack of moderation will place you in quite unpleasant situations.


Throughout the day you're going to easily become the center of attention and may be the focal point of many compliments, as well as many criticisms. Try to be serious toward your obligations and don't fall into the trap of emotions. Also don't let others determine the tempo of your day


Use the day to construct precise plans for the future, by looking at all of your options. Analyze the information you have available and consider how it can be useful to you. Stick to the serious side of things and avoid mindless risks that can only do harm.


Today you're going to have to fundamentally change what you've already planned, in order to adapt to the circumstances. Try to be as flexible as possible, to avoid suffering serious damage. Expect blame from your loved ones but don't react too emotionally if you're positive that their words have no real basis.


Try to finish started tasks as quickly as possible, to avoid certain negative tendencies. The 1st half of the day is going to be better than the 2nd for meetings and negotiations. Avoid large social events during the day and don't start anything new before finishing works in progress.

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