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Here`s What your Weekly Horoscope Until July 15 has in Store for you


Try to finish with your most important projects at the beginning of the week because starting Wednesday it will be difficult for you to focus on work. Our emotions will be heightened and we'll need to be more restrained when it comes to the more crucial projects.

It won't be easy achieving what we want, in fact we'll need to be even more patient. By the end of the workweek expect a number of obstacles and misunderstandings, which you'll need to clear up.

Don't try to resist the changes, as these may be for the better. Use these opportunities to look at your plans from a different perspective. You may find a more successful and profitable method to achieve what you desire.

Toward week's end, try to tone done your social life a bit because meeting new people will only stress you out further.

Aries - Don't get reckless

The motto that the end justifies the means will motivate you this week but you mustn't become too reckless. Carefully consider all of the options, don't just rush in headfirst. The coming days will help you free yourself of past reservations of yours and become bolder in realizing your desires. In the personal aspect, you may meet new people and have unexpected surprises.

Taurus - Take risks more often

This week you have the opportunity to create new partnerships that will provide you material security for a long time coming. Use the knowledge of those around you to resolve certain problems. In the middle of the week, be more cautious at work, for even the smallest error will have serious consequences. You're going to have to take risks if you're looking for success and you need to step away from whatever makes you feel safe and secure.

Gemini - Share your secrets with loved ones

This week is going to be easier for you to communicate with loved ones and allow you the chance for restoring your relationship with your relatives. Share with your family more often - you can reveal certain unpleasant secrets about yourself. You will receive incredible support from them and feel more at ease. In the middle of the week you may become obsessed with the desire to start something new but try to do it more for personal satisfaction than anything else.

Cancer - Don't try to please everyone

In the days until July 15 it will be easier for you to discover common ground with those around you, while your ability to make the right compliment will win you many sympathies. Once midweek hits, it'd be better if you postponed any meetings and travels. Don't burden yourself with others' problems and don't turn too compliant. Some may abuse your responsiveness in order to get something they want done, ignoring you in the process.

Leo - Finish your old projects

Try to finish old projects, that you've already begun, this week. Utilize all of your energy to finish the important ones and you'll earn unexpected dividends from them. Over the coming days you can also free yourself of that which no longer benefits you in any way. Throw out unneeded items and tidy up the space around you.

Virgo - Carefully think over every step of yours

This week try to think several moves ahead in terms of your plans and don't do anything that hasn't been well thought out. Look for various ways through which to achieve your goals and try to foresee the problems that could emerge. This week you may feel more worn out than usual but you will need to focus on the important tasks and not postpone them.

Libra - Act despite all of the hardships and you'll fulfill your goals

Don't overlook your negligence at work today, instead try to find the reasons that are leading you to the same failures over and over. During the 2nd half of the week, interesting proposals may appear or the circumstances could develop in a way beneficial to you for overcoming the pitfalls. So don't sit with your arms crossed; if you want something act, even if it seems unattainable at first.

Scorpio - You will realize important truths

The new week is going to provide you better clarity regarding the projects you've begun in the past. It will be easier for you to communicate with those around you and thanks to them you'll be able to see the opportunities which had remained unnoticed thus far. Use others' opinions to explain away specific uncertainties regarding your goals. More romantic dates and interesting meetings with new people are possible at the end of the week.

Sagittarius - Create more stability in your daily life

The week will begin quite smoothly and predictably, which will help you increase the amount of stability in your daily life. Use the fact that people will easily agree with you to present your boldest ideas and get to the necessary information. Don't plan anything important for midweek, instead finish what you've already begun. Give in to full relaxation at the end of the week, in order to restore your energy.

Capricorn - Don't start anything new

Throughout this week be very careful when communicating because you're going to blow up more easily, while unpleasant criticisms could become a cause of major conflicts. Don't start anything new, especially any grandiose projects because it will be very difficult to realize them. Focus on what you've already begun and try to bring it through to the end. At the end of the week you'll be able to take a breather and forget about your problems.

Aquarius - Be more observant

This week it would be best if you did not rush, instead checking to see how a given situation develops in order to decide whether or not to take part in it or to remain on the sidelines. Be more observant in order not to get fooled into tasks that hold no prospects. It's not worth wasting your energy on something grandiose that's going to end in complete collapse. Give yourself time in order to determine which projects will be successful and which ones not.

Pisces - Serious troubles lie ahead

This week is going to be more stressful for you. New reasons for quarrels with your higher ups may emerge, or strong emotions in the family. Unexpected events may burden you with the guilt that you haven't succeeded in creating the most adequate plans. Try not to worry too much because stress will affect you on the physical and psychological level. Maintain your levelheadedness and try to resolve your problems calmly.