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This week we're going to be under the influence the full Moon in Sagittarius. Full moons bring opportunities for realizing our final, make us more ambitious and emotional.

And since the full Moon is in Sagittarius, the week is going to be suitable for planning trips, learning, marriage and ending contracts. It's going to be easier for us to see what can benefit us.

In the middle of the week, Mercury is going to transition from the sign of Taurus to Gemini. The air element will allow us to express our desires in such a way that others understand them.

We have excellent opportunities for communication and dialogue. This will facilitate the converging of positions, finding compromise between the differences and achieving a consensus.

Aries - Look around for new opportunities

This week will provoke you to get out of your comfort zone and look around for new opportunities. Dare to break your old prejudices and to discover new forms of expression, so that more people can understand your ideas. Communicate more because communication with others may show you a new field of expression. By the end of the week you'll be able to clear up your relationships with the people around you.

Taurus - Be discreet regarding your future plans

For you of the week is going to be one of strong emotions. A series of dramatic moments, stormy passions and discussion of shared finances await you. Clearly express your feelings on every issue but when it comes to your most serious plans and dreams, try to be discreet. Overweening behavior, announcing and boasting will be detrimental. So work quietly and away from the eyes of others.

Gemini - Share your great plans with your partner

The accent for you this week is going to be your relationships - both personal and professional. You're going to have to make important decisions and consider changes in the aspects of your partnerships. Talk openly with your partner about your big plans and make sure you have the same goal in mind. For some it may turn out to be time to break up, as they do not share the same views with their partner, while others may receive immense support from the person closest to them.

Cancer - Organize your day-to-day life better

In the days until June 3, focus on issues related to your health and daily routine. Now is the time to get rid of certain unhealthy habits and organize your day-to-day life in such a way that you stop hurting yourself physically and emotionally. Create a schedule with which to follow through on your plans and feel fulfilled. Don't leave any unfinished business over the next few days, try to finish everything as scheduled.

Leo - Work hard in order to make your dreams come true

This week you have the opportunity to resolve a problem that's been plaguing you for a long time. Demonstrate strength of will by working persistently on accomplishing your goals. Also talk with those around you to make sure that you're not building up any unrealistic expectations. Toward week's end try to be more categorical in terms of your personal limits and do not allow others to take advantage of your goodness.

Virgo - Solve the problems in the home

Aside from seeing your home and family-related problems more clearly this week, you'll be able to discover methods with which to resolve them. But try to be more diplomatic toward those you share a roof with and be patient with them. Accept the fact that not everyone can be as organized as you are, while some need more time in order to organize their tasks. Adapt to your surrounding environment and you don't judge excessively.

Libra - Seek contact with people from your past

In the days until June 3 you may once again meet up with childhood friends or old classmates. Talk about everything that's happened over the years and rekindle the contacts that have waned over time. Rely on the power of speech because it can get you closer to others. Toward week's end you're going to have opportunities open up for better earnings, with which you'll be able to realize some of your past ambitions.

Scorpio - Focus on your earnings

Throughout the new week focus on the aspect of personal finances. Think about how you can be more serious in terms of your obligations and how to earn extra money if it's not currently enough for your needs. Go over your old contracts and make corrections where necessary. This way you will restore your peace of mind and feel more secure in the material sense.

Sagittarius - Focus on your personal projects

This week think about something new that you can start. It's the perfect time to consider your personal projects and the pastimes that bring you the greatest personal satisfaction. Think about your realization and the way you'd like to be seen. Toward the end of the week pay more attention to the person by your side. Talk about your most troubling problems and try to understand viewpoints that differ from their own.

Capricorn - Find solitude

Devote the week to solitude. Find time for a break, self-observation and analysis of the past few months. Turn down invitations for social events, instead remain by yourself. That way you'll be able to find out what you truly want and differentiate your ambitions from those of others. Over the following days you'll be able to determine goals that are worth fighting for.

Aquarius - Pay more attention to your friends

For you, the new week is going to fall under the patronage of communication. In the days to come you could find yourself busier with your group of friends and mutual projects that you have to realize together. You can settle certain discrepancies between you. Be honest with those around you because if you're not it will affect your relationships for a long time to come.

Pisces - Be patient when it comes to your professional projects

Focus on your professional growth and opportunities for career advancement this week. You can get ahead but you have to invest effort and show patience. You're not going to immediately see the results of your labors but this must not discourage you. Develop your projects and have faith that you'll finish what you've started. Also believe in your intuition over the next few days and you won't get caught up between assumptions.

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