Your May 18 Horoscope! Today`s Advice for a Productive Day


The Moon is in Cancer and will remain there until 12:00 UTC. This is an intense and productive time. The zodiac signs are making decisions quickly, while thoughts are flying by just as hastily. The information current is going to be easily applicable and tangible.

From 12:00 UTC to 14:00 UTC you're going to feel a slight slowing of the tempo and fatigue. Be careful when communicating with older or negative individuals. Don't succumb to pessimism and suggestions that everything is so hard and so on.

Luckily for everyone, Mercury and Saturn are going to form a harmonious aspect at 17:49 UTC. There's going to be good coordination between words and actions, as well as maximum concentration. Everything planned for the day will occur.

On days such as this it's best to be careful with any promises you make. Everything you say will have to carried out. Words are loaded with strength and the mystical power of realization. The day is suitable for going to public institutions, submitting documents and taking tests.


If possible, limit the circle of people you'll be communicating with today. Limit your communicating with your partner to a minimum as well but do it in such a way so that they don't feel perplexed or start imagining things that just aren't true. Don't make them feel as if your attitude toward them has changed. Otherwise you'll be forced to deal with the consequences of their lively imagination.


The day is unsuitable for serious tasks. Your mood is rather on the frivolous side. You're taking up things you're unlikely to finish. Everyday problems aren't going to ruin your mood. An improvised date is going to allow you to let some steam off.


Today you're going through an indescribable range of feelings. This will affect your ability to produce articulated speech. Don't yell too loudly. It's clear that those before you are to blame but there's no need to complicate things. Explaining to the culprit what they need to do will suffice.


You're going to spend your time finishing things up - mainly resolving simple organizational issues and clearing up small misunderstandings between your acquaintances. Decent ideas are possible, the realization of which will require spending. Seek the advice of loved ones before making decisions. Unexpected guests may appear. Unplanned get-togethers and improvised celebrations will bring you nothing but good times.


Loyal friends want to see you but you just don't have the time. You're close to accepting a very enticing proposal from a new and interesting company. The stars advise you to set aside time and effort in order to succeed on both fronts. Have no doubt that you will.


You're going to receive an invitation for a date but won't know whether to accept or not until the last minute. The stars advise you to try your luck. You're going to feel shy at first but will ultimately like it.


Today, your partner is annoying you because they're being too slow. You're constantly trying to get them to up their tempo, to hurry up but all of this is going to prove futile. So don't waste any more time and effort, just try to accept their tempo.


Throughout the entire day your hardworking nature will definitely be rewarded. Don't try to get in the way of those you work with or those around you, don't waste time with annoying, petty or routine tasks. Today's success will be emotional. You're going to have the opportunity to successfully take advantage of the services of a foreign firm.


Today, focus on activities requiring attention, patience and persistence. Don't bet on being able to achieve the set goals in a short time span. You'll need to work quite a bit. Work-related relations are going to organize in a harmonious way at first glance. But don't expect boundless devotion from your partner because you'll be left disappointed. The day relates to temptation and seduction.


Don't let anyone threaten you or try to pressure you today. Follow your schedule, the way you're used to doing. The most important thing is to understand whatever it is you're doing. Your attempts to constantly maintain peace and agreement are doomed to fail. Conflicts aren't particularly pleasant but usually lead to making more sound decisions.


Seek inspiration. To find it, turn your attention to that which usually disappoints you. As paradoxical as this sounds, this may in the end turn out to be a great idea. If something is irritating you, then there's a serious reason for this. Find it and resolve the complex problem that stands before you. Good ideas are born of past situations. If you look around and dig deep enough you're going to rediscover a whole new world.


Think carefully before you address your beloved. Use more kind words and you won't go wrong. Try to come up with new ones and you'll make them feel good. The day is perfect for experiments of this sort.

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