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The events this week are going to be happening under the influence of the solar eclipse in Aquarius. The eclipse will be in conjunction with the Sun and Mercury, which are also in Aquarius and this will drive us toward unification regarding social causes.

In the days until February 18 we're going to be stimulated to be more original and independent both in our relations with the people around us, as well as at work.

A week of renewal and changes lies ahead. In the next few days we may come to important truths about ourselves and realize what we truly want from the future. Analyze what's happening and don't overlook it.

This is a time where processes in the fields of public relations, joint tasks, reforms and charity will be encouraged.

Aries - Work as part of a team

The week for you begins with the conclusion of tasks begun previously, while regarding your work your dissatisfaction may be rising and may have a strong desire for change. Starting the middle of the week, your interests are going to be more focused on your friends and group activities. If you have an idea of some kind, try to develop it in a group setting or share it openly because you're easily going to attract the suitable people with which to realize it.

Taurus - Focus on your career growth

The new week is going to get your ambitions for career growth moving. Don't be too humble, instead show others your best side. If you're feeling doubt of any kind, seek out someone with greater experience for advice. The days until February 18 are providing you the opportunity to find a more suitable job, to take up a higher position in your current career or to sign a more favorable contract. Teamwork will also bring you superb benefits, as long as you share your plans openly.

Gemini - Try new things in order to broaden your horizons

This week will stimulate you to rise above the small problems and look at the events around you from a broader perspective. Try to expand your horizons by joining classes or institutions that have something new to teach you. Over the course of the week, you're going to be able to rise above certain past limits but only if you step outside your usual routine and try something new. Don't rush to turn down offers for trips abroad either.

Cancer - Get rid of your old prejudices

Get rid of everything unneeded this week and try to smooth out the issues with the people around you. If you'd like to start anew, now is the time to change your prejudices toward others and to clear up any misunderstandings regarding your projects. You'll be able to put your past doubts behind you or start projects that'll increase your finances but you'll need to be fully honest with others and take a look from their point of view.

Leo - New opportunities in love await you

This week, partner relationships are going to be the main issue on your mind. You may be more ambitious when it comes to your love relationship or be ready for big changes. For singles, the coming days are going to be a perfect opportunity to find a soul mate and fall in love. Great changes lie ahead in the workplace as well but you'll need to be more reserved and patient in order not to waste your opportunities.

Virgo - Change your daily habits

In the days until February 18 feel free to focus more on your physical and mental health. But if you'd like to start a new diet, it'd be best if it were one you've already tried before. A drastic change may also occur in your daily routine, to provide for more order and discipline. These new opportunities will come toward the end of the week but you'll need to be ready to work with a partner.

Libra - Expect a romantic week

The new week may serve singles a new love and new relationship. Non-singles, on the other hand, will feel supported by their partner in the realization of their boldest ideas. Married couples are going to be able to resolve many issues related to their children. The week also brings stimulation to creative projects in that you'll be able to count on your original ideas and approach to impress the right people up until February 18.

Scorpio - Restore harmony to your relationships with others

At the start of the week, focus on your home and get rid of anything unneeded. You'll be able to do the same when it comes to your relationships with others because as the week progresses until February 18 you'll be able to more clearly see the problems that have remained hidden. What's important is that you bring clarity to your relationships and restore the harmony among you. Be cautious with your finances because fraud is possible during the 2nd half of the week.

Sagittarius - Travel more often

Your need for change this week is going to be honed to the extreme. You're going to experience the need to travel, to meet new people and break away from your usual routine. You may come across old friends and acquaintances or travel more often during the next few days. Just be careful with your finances as excess spending will lead to squabbles with those closest to you.

Capricorn - Stabilize your finances

You're starting the week off with high confidence, which will allow you to take control over the events around you. As the week progresses, try to clear up any debt and bring stability to your finances. You'll be able to clearly see what oversights you've had so far and to instigate changes that will restore your stability in the material aspect. Your social life is also going to be more active this week.

Aquarius - Change your outer appearance

Your hidden wishes and desires to stand up for yourself will come to the fore this week. You can make drastic changes to your outer appearance or radiance, in order for people to see you in a completely new way. Now is the time to get to know yourself better both on the outside and in. Don't be afraid of the changes because they will allow you to see yourself in a different light.

Pisces - Time for assessment

Tons of new opportunities will open before you this week but you'll need to approach them gradually. Don't close the door to the past abruptly, instead try to take small steps toward changes. Your spiritual goals and need of peace and solitude will be high this week. Assess your plans until now, as well as your worst failures and the lessons learned from them, before moving forward.

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