Indian Wise Men: Keep These 6 Things Secret to Live in Harmony


Indian wisdom states that if you'd like to remain happier longer, you must keep your happiness away from the eyes of others. Indians believe that you can spare yourself the envy of others only by living in humility and modesty.

Another Indian proverb goes that whatever you boast about, you will be left without. The belief is that happiness grows best when surrounded by silence.

Keep reading below to find out what you should keep secret from others in order to be happy.

As the Indians would say, it's better to remain quiet at the right time, in order to enjoy greater success in the future.

1. Your big plans

Keep your tongue behind your teeth when your big plans and dreams are still in the fantasy stage. Until you get some results or start realizing them step-by-step, avoid telling everyone about them. Under the pressure of others' criticism and skepticism, you may do much worse than if only you and your closest loved ones know about them.


2. Your good deeds

Karma exists and if you've purposefully hurt or taken advantage of someone, this will come back to you. The same holds true for good deeds. Therefore, there's no need to brag in front of everyone to stroke your ego. Self-satisfaction and fanfare will only attract negative events to you.

3. Your heroic actions

It is completely unnecessary to boast about overcoming life's challenges and chest thumping about how much stronger you are than before. Try to keep it to yourself, instead of using it as a reason to demonstrate your good sides.


4. Your spiritual beliefs

Practice what you believe in, rather than wasting your time giving lectures about it. You'll reach a lot more people by showing by example that your principles are advantageous, instead of spending hours on end in discussions and arguments. Also let every person choose their own path, without imposing your life values on them.

5. Your family problems

Avoid yammering about your problems at home in front of everyone. Not only does this not help resolve the misunderstandings in any way, it may only further strain tensions with your partner, relatives or family members. Resolve your conflicts eye to eye, without looking for referees on the outside.

6. Others' mistakes and failures

You're not going to become greater in any way by constantly pointing to others' mistakes and failures. In fact it's quite likely that after a while you'll find yourself in the very same shoes of the person you've been making fun of. Avoid gossip, spiteful remarks and judging others if you'd like to keep your karma clean.

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