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What Actually Happens to our Body while we Sleep?


Have you ever thought about why doctors advise us that the best way to deal with insomnia is to go to bed on time? These aren't just words, they're the truth. Here's what happens to our body after 10 p.m. and why doctors are right in their advice:

10 pm - 11 pm. This is the period when our body begins to prepare for sleep. No matter how you've spent your day and whether or not you've taken an afternoon nap, your biological clock will try to tell you that it's time to go to bed. The number of white blood cells in the blood increases and repair processes occur in every cell of your body. At 11 pm, your body is completely relaxed, telling you that it's bedtime.

12 am - 1 am. The brain continues working, analyzing the events of the day and organizing them in their place. Dreams occur but sleep is still unsteady. If you're suffering from cramps, toothache or have hit your leg or arm severely, the pain may prevent you from falling asleep because it is particularly perceptible at this time.

2 am - 3 am. Excluding the liver, which cleanses accumulated toxins from the body, all other human organs are at rest, so they can restore themselves for the coming day. Pulse, breathing and blood pressure are lowered.

4 am - 5 am. Even though metabolism is still slowed, hearing sharpens. In this time period, the smallest noise may cause you to wake up because sleep isn't as steady any longer. By this point, the body has managed to rest up and you may find yourself waking up, although it's best if you wait at least 2 more hours.


6 am - 7 am. The adrenal glands begin to supply you with adrenaline and noradrenaline, which prepare the body for waking. Pulse speeds up and blood pressure rises.

After 7 am. According to experts, this is the ideal time for waking up. Additionally, it's been proven that if you have prescribed medications you take daily, 7 am is the best time to take them. It is at this time that they are absorbed most effectively by the body. So get in a positive mindset for the day to come, take a shower and enjoy a cup of fragrant coffee or tea. You are now rested and your body is ready to take on the tasks that lie ahead.



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