2 More Planets are Hidden Beyond Pluto


Spanish astronomers proclaimed that it is very possible for 2 more planets to be hiding past Pluto, with both having unusually large dimensions and affecting the other heavenly bodies around them.

According to the astronomers, the new data indicates that the gigantic planets can be added to the group of rocky objects which have a strange type of orbit.

The scientists' discovery is published in the scientific magazine New Scientist. Astronomers remind us that when the dwarf planet 2012 VP113 was found beyond Pluto's orbit, it was hypothesized that other objects could also be positioned around it.

2012 VP113 recently became part of the series of objects that are part of our solar system, and the details surrounding this planet are puzzling scientists around the world.

Madrid astronomers Carlos and Raul de la Fuenta Marcos observed that the other small celestial objects around the dwarf planet have quite similar orbital trajectories.

Solar system

According to the experts, the small celestial bodies are not massive enough to exert forces on one another and therefore it is believed that a humongous object exists around them, that affects them with its gravitational force.

Based on scientists' hypotheses, the mass of this planet must be 10 times that of Earth's, while its orbit may be located at a distance 250 times greater than that between the Earth and the Sun.

In turn, this hidden planet must have an orbital resonance with another planet that is even farther and larger than it. The Spanish scientists reached this conclusion after studying the elliptic orbits of the group of objects in Pluto's shadow.

According to the experts, the 2 huge planets are located at the edge of the solar system.

The astronomers also find it logical that an enormous planet can resonate the movements of the smaller objects around it, as well as one large celestial body being able to combine its orbit with another celestial body.

For example, the planets Neptune and Pluto are in such a resonance, with Neptune completing 3 orbits around the Sun for every 2 that Pluto makes.

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