Why and how some people anticipate earthquakes

sensing earthquakes

There are people in different parts of the world that are known for being able to anticipate earthquakes days before they happen. This phenomenon is not yet explained.

One of the most popular human seismographs was the Russian Olga Kalinkina. She suffered from constant pains in her heart after a truck killed her husband and daughter

She noticed that two days before an earthquake, the pains in her heart ceased completely and it felt like before the sinister events in her life happened.

She noticed another pattern - just before you the pain stopped, they rose to intolerance, but two days later, an earthquake happened.


An inhabitant of Los Angeles Hilda, has for 15 years suffered from pains in the arms and legs. She was not aware that this is connected with earthquakes. It turned out that she felt a stabbing pain one day before an earthquake.

In recent decades she has predicted many earthquakes - in 1983 in Colombia and Japan, in 1985 in Chile, Ecuador in 1987, and 1999 in Mexico.

There is evidence that some people just feel the changes in their body, when there is a change in the earth's crust, which begins to move.

heart pain

Often elderly people complain of heart pain a couple of days before an earthquake. Then, an increase in emergency ambulance calls is noted.

People-seismographs have existed since the ancient times. According to ancient history, in the Persian city of Tabriz, 700 years ago the astrologer Shirazi predicted that a massive earthquake was forthcoming. But no one believed him and everyone else remained in town. That caused the deaths of more than 40, 000 people.

So far no one has been able to explain how some people feel earthquakes are coming. Usually, they are able to guess the event, but can sometimes be wrong. Very often they get this trait following physical trauma or after a strong psychological shock.

Human seismographs really can predict earthquakes, but it often happens that no one wants to believe them until they prove they are right. However, that sometimes ends with many casualties.


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