Astrology does not define, but explains

Astrology does not define, but explains

Under the umbrella term "sign", the factor in question is actually your astrological sign as the Sun.

You should know that the planets/or rather astral points that affect us include the Sun, Moon, Ascendant, Venus and Mars. They all draw our star map, ie, a kind of overall plan of our own potential.

Of course, it all depends on how you use it for yourself, but you can still learn from the advice astrology gives you. It can show what you are by nature, which of us is conscious of what is not there, how they behave and how they react in certain situations, but also to explain the peculiarities of the forces that affect us.

The classic star chart should be considered simply as a symbol. Remember that astrology is not to determine, but only to explain. It is always good to be informed, because it will give you more opportunities to make better use of your inherent powers, ie, to change what you can, accept what you can not change and to be able to discern the difference between, as the popular phrase reads.

We humans are all different, having different needs and desires. If you happened to meet someone for the first time and immediately liked them, astrology can give you an explanation of this phenomenon.

Astrologers call this "convergence of star charts" and define it as the basis of relationships between people. Find out what your Sun Sign in the table below and learn what you sign is, as of your date of birth.

ARIES: from March 22 to April 21

TAURUS: from April 22 to May 22

GEMINI: from May 23 to June 22

CANCER: from June 23 to July 23

LEO: from 24 July to 23 August

VIRGO: August 24 to September 23

LIBRA: from September 24 to October 22

SCORPIO: from October 23 to November 22

SAGITTARIUS: from November 23 to December 22

CAPRICORN: from December 23 to January 20

AQUARIUS: January 21 to February 20

PISCES: from 21 February to 21 March

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