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Staffordshire treasure

Staffordshire treasure

Staffordshire is situated in the West Midlands region, England. In the summer of 2009 the largest to date Anglo-Saxon treasure was later estimated was worth about 3, 300 million pounds was found there.

The treasure was actually discovered by Terry Herbert, who is an amateur archaeologist, accidentally. The 55-year-old Terry discovered the Anglo-Saxon gold farm while cruising with a metal detector.

Terry Herbert found jewelry, which is believed to date from the period between the fifth and seventh centuries, and the total value of the treasure is equivalent to about 5.1 million U.S. dollars - if that man does not consider himself lucky, then who would?

Mr. Herbert would receive half the amount of money and that actually will come in handy, because he is unemployed. While cruising with a metal detector to find lost jewelry or any other metallic object, he came comes across 1, 600 gold and silver Anglo-Saxon coins .

The total weight of the treasure is around 8-5 kg worth of gold and 2.5 kg of silver ornaments. After consideration and study by archaeologists, it was concluded that these jewels belonged to a past Saxon nobleman.

The treasure hides not only jewelry - there are different dishes, weapons, shields, swords and more. Among the items are parts of armor that probably belonged to the ruler.

Of course, the exact location is not specified, to maintain the peace and security of the place and the people. There are different assumptions as most of the journalists who investigate, believe that the treasure was found on the border of the city of Lichfield (South Staffordshire).

According to the curator at London's Museum of History, Leslie Webster, this treasure is unique in the history of British archaeology. Historians believe that the production of these items is very professional and they surely belonged to the highest aristocracy of the time.



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