Have I ever lived here before

Have I ever lived here before

Have I ever lived here before? - Surely this is something that almost everyone has asked. This explains why in some places you've never visited, you feel very familiar and even know the smallest details.

Is it mandatory to undergo regressive hypnosis to find what you were in past lives? It is believed that after death the soul returns to a parallel energy world.

The truth is that there is an enormous amount of scientific evidence for the past lives of many people. Children under five years can have very vivid memories of cultures which there is no way to know details of.

In some universities in the world, there are entire departments dedicated to the study of past lives that spring up in the memories of young children.

When they start talking properly, kids tell unusual stories, which nobody believes, because parents think that they are part of the fictional world their child has made up.

Often, however, these are memories of past lives, which the soul is not yet forgotten. When you experience something that you believe has happened to you before, this is a deja vu.

A lot of people feel that at least once or twice in their lives. Those may be memories from their past lives. Memories of past lives can be seen in dreams too.

If you believe that you lived in a place that you are familiar with, and you can even imagine what you did there, that's almost certainly a part of your past life.

When you have such feelings, record them, so that you may remember everything to the smallest detail. Lie down in a calm, quiet room, relax and focus your mind on the place.

When you are on the verge of falling asleep, your mind will be cleared and you'll remember other details of your previous incarnations. You can overcome vague fears about yourself in the present life that you experience for no reason.


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Comments (2)

18.08.2012 13:07
Its creepy D: when i pass through some places i find them familiar i see some people i find them familiar though i don't know them its just sooo creepy nothing can explain these deja vu feelings
Larry M. Dudley
Larry M. Dudley
06.08.2012 07:44
I pray you don't forget there is another explanation of this event in which we call dejavue'. Remember dreams portray places and people in which we have never met or seen before until the actual event unfolds. Yes past lives are possible but seldom are the cases if you have done research enough in dreams and visions.