Did the Mothman Actually Exist?


In the period 1966-1967, in the American city Point Pleasant, there were reports of a strange creature called the Mothman. It was of large proportions, had a human-like bearing and wings on its back.

The first witnesses to this phenomenon were 2 men, working at a local bar. On the night of November 12, 1966, they saw the enormous being, flying several feet above their heads.

Since the body was very similar to a human's, the men figured that someone they knew was playing a prank on them.

But 2 days later, the Mothman was seen once again, this time by 2 families who had been traveling in the same car, 4.5 miles from the city. They told that they saw the creature near an abandoned powerhouse.

The driver slowed down to get a better look at what they were witnessing. The witnesses in the car were then about 6.5 ft (2 m) from the creature and it was staring back at them calmly and not moving.

Suddenly, it turned its back on them and went inside the abandoned powerhouse. Terrified, the driver started the car again and drove off... but minutes later the families found that the being was following them.

When they entered the city, it was no longer after them. Scared as they were, they immediately went to the local sheriff and told of the events.


The police found nothing unusual along the freeway upon inspection but when they returned to the panicked families, they saw that the radio in their car was broken and was giving off strange frequencies.

The story spread quickly and shortly after, groups of journalists and biologists arrived in the city, seeking the phenomenal creature. However, for months on end the Mothman was nowhere to be seen.

Then one morning, while returning home from church, Connie Carpenter became yet another witness to the being. The 18-year-old girl was driving her car when she saw a large, gray silhouette on the road.

At that same instant, the Mothman spread his wings and flew towards the girl. He had red eyes, which according to her words, hypnotized her. The creature landed on the car roof, leaned in front of the front window and then disappeared at once.

Shocked, the teenager went straight to the sheriff and recounted the event. Her eyes were red for reasons unknown and the radio - broken, just like the case with the 2 families.

During investigation, all possibilities for the eyewitnesses to be lying were dismissed since their descriptions matched to the smallest detail. The theory of hallucinations was also dismissed since the creature was spotted by different people at different times of day.

Some scientists hypothesize that the residents of the city had witnessed a giant condor that had flown in from the Andes but this does not explain its humanlike shape or its red eyes.

Another theory goes that the Mothman was a crane, mutated by radiation, but there was none found in the region.

The legends say that the creature is a mythological demon that has appeared before as well, with its arrival foreshadowing great tragedies.

Since the end of 1967, the Mothman has not been seen, leaving behind one of the biggest unsolved mysteries of the 20th century.

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