Owls have a great imagination

Owls have a great imagination

People who become easily energetic from the early hours are just apart of the Nature, Canadian psychologists say. The "early bird" biological clock works with less rhythm than in the owls.

Those who are energetic early in the morning have a high level of stress hormones, cortisol. This gives them power. In the morning they have a lower temperature, at 3pm it rises and lowers again at night. "Owls" have a slightly higher temperature and thus more energy to 8 pm

Genes also have an impact - if your parents are "owls", it is understandable that they will find it difficult to wake in the morning. Only to the 60th year, people who have difficulty getting out of bed before noon, wake up at dawn.

It was also found that 'early birds' are generally people of logic and specifics, but 'owls' have the great imagination and have many talents in different fields.

If you are the "owl" but you have to work from morning till night, apply small tricks to reset your biological clock. Do not pull the curtains in the evening so you are able to wake up from the first sun rays. Do not drink or eat anything 2-3 hours before sleep.

In fact, real "owls" are only about 15 percent of the world's population.

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