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Diseases Send us Signals While We Sleep


Our body signals us that it's sick most often when we sleep. During sleep, our subconscious is trying to tell us that we already have the disease but we do not pay attention to the symptoms.

Sometimes, the dream occurs weeks or more before the disease. It may be a harbinger not only to a physical ailment but to a psychological one as well.

For example, you do not get enough sleep and because of stress and being overworked, you are on the edge of a nervous breakdown. Then you might dream that you are late or that you are lost, or that someone is chasing you.

Before a heart attack, people often dream that they are being choked or being hit in the chest, as well as putting on clothes that are way too tight.

A diseased liver sends other images in our dreams - spoiled meat, rotten fruits. Dreams of stomach wounds or birth give prior notice to stomach diseases.


If your respiratory system is under threat, you may dream that you are being buried alive or that you are drowning. Joint problems signal in dreams that you are being beaten or are wearing tight shoes, that you are carrying way too heavy loads or are kneeling.

Nightmares are not always dangerous. Sometimes they are simply a memory of something that you have lived through a long time ago. But if you are often seeing horrible things when dreaming, get checked out just in case.

Take notice if your dreams are recurring - your body is trying to tell you something, try to understand what it is.

Anxious dreams for no reason belong to those people who tend to be dramatic. They often give a tragic meaning to every little thing that they witness in dreams.



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