Favorable Colors Based on Zodiac Sign

Color Combos

Representatives of each zodiac sign will achieve plenty more successes in their relations with others if they wear clothes of colors favorable for their sign.

For example, favorable colors for Aries are the bright ones - red, orange, and any other tones of these. These colors provide an additional sense of security for Aries in critical situations and activate their hidden resources and energy. But if Aries needs to feel calm and relaxed, tones of the color blue are appropriate.

Suitable colors for Taurus are orange, yellow, light green, light blue. These colors let Taurus be in harmony with his surrounding world, especially with himself and loved ones. Yellow and orange tones provide Taurus a feeling of security.

Favorable colors for Gemini are all the colors of the rainbow, with the exception of green. The remaining colors of the rainbow are suitable for activity, which is characteristic of Gemini. Additionally, among the suitable colors, silver is probably the best for them.

Persons born under the sign of Cancer will be able to handle any situation if they choose their outfit in white, black or light blue colors, as well as in silver nuances. Anything that reminds of the water element makes Cancer feel natural and unconstrained, helping him in relationships with others.

Leo loves being the center of attention - that is why colors serve as valuable allies in achieving this goal. Appropriate for this kingly sign are golden tones, as well as red, purple, orange and yellow.

For representatives of the sign of Virgo, all colors of nature are suitable: yellow, light blue, green, white, orange, purple. These colors help representatives of this sign achieve their goals more easily and bring more harmony and calm to their lives.

Advantageous for Libras are pastel colors and all nuances of blue and green. It is these colors that give Libras more confidence in their own abilities and charge them with positive energy and a large dose of optimism that they have need of.

For Scorpios the most favorable are saturated tones of red, blue and purple. The color black is benign for them. These colors help Scorpios, emotional and in general confident in their own abilities, fully reveal their potential and talents.


Sagittarius feels excellent when wearing blue, red, light blue and purple. These particular colors have the greatest ability to inspire representatives of this fire sign in achieving their most grandiose of plans.

For Capricorn, fitting colors are white, light green, yellow, blue, brown and black. Further, all dark tones help Capricorn attain harmony in relationships with others and concentrate maximally on achieving set goals.

Aquarians love originality. Suitable for them are combinations of purple and green, gray with bright orange and red. These color combinations help Aquarius expand his fantasy and fuel him with confidence in his own abilities.

The most mystical zodiac sign, Pisces, feels great when choosing the following colors for his attire: blue, purple, black. These colors aid Pisces in developing his intuition even further, as well as achieving the desired feelings of harmony and being protected.

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