A Police Officer`s UFO Encounter During a Burglary Investigation
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A Police Officer`s UFO Encounter During a Burglary Investigation

UFO Landing

At the end of 1980, a series of strange events occurred in certain areas of the United Kingdom, with UFOs reported as the main culprit. After nearly 4 decades, the cases have still not been fully solved and remain part of the nation's UFO wave of 1980.

Police officer Alan Godfrey recounts his story of one of the most exciting and vivid experiences at the time, which took place on November 28, 1980, a date he'll remember for the rest of his life. On the day in question, the officer was on duty in a small town in the western parts of Yorkshire.

When night fell, he received a call which initially did not seem too out-of-the-ordinary. A local farmer had reported that all of his livestock had vanished. But it was no ordinary theft by any means.

While en route to the address of the signal's origin, Godfrey saw before him a floating, oval machine emitting a bright light. Completely awestruck, Alan decided to sketch what he saw to show his colleagues later.

However, seconds after grabbing his notepad the light became unbearable and he lost consciousness. After coming to, he noticed that his watch was running slow, while the flying saucer had disappeared. He decided to contact his coworkers back at the station for them to investigate together the area where he had witnessed the UFO.


Upon analysis they found that the area in question was completely dry - particularly strange considering that everything else around it was drenched due to the humid weather conditions.

Godfrey's experience left him at a loss and he volunteered to undergo hypnosis in an attempt to restore any missing memories from his UFO encounter. Even after the procedure, it was never found what exactly happened to him back on November 28, 1980.