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What to Prepare for Based on the July 27 Horoscope


This Friday, prepare for serious challenges and a series of tense events. Your plans aren't going to manifest as you had initially planned and this will cause you severe stress.

But try not to resist the new events, try not to get in the trap of trying to realize your dreams in the manner you had initially planned. Adapt to the new circumstances and include them in your strategy.

Alterations will be needed, regardless of whether you want them or not but the more stubbornly you try to put off these changes and not accept the differing viewpoint, the more serious the problems will become.

Today, the Full Moon enters Aquarius, which will be accompanied by a lunar eclipse. As such, our emotions are going to be heightened and events - more conflicting.


Even if you feel completely inspired to unite with those who share your high ideals, during the day it will be difficult to find common ground with those around you. Unresolved conflicts and problem areas in your relationships with them will come out to the surface and make peaceful communication difficult. Take advantage of this chance and share your sincere opinion with others.


Expect serious upheavals when it comes to your professional plans and career path. Today you're going to face severe twists and turns, which will require you to change up the strategy with which you earn your money. Even if you find it unpleasant, you're going to have to turn your back on some of your more familiar methods and seek new ways by which to earn prestige at the workplace and therefore - greater earnings.


If you limit yourself in your way of thinking you will only find monumental obstacles in the way of your potential. Do not let others determine who you are or tell you what you can or cannot do. Heed your inner voice and follow your gut. Don't be guided by others' mindsets and your past convictions because these will only prevent you from making your dreams come true.


The events from today will make you realize some things about yourself. These events may include you facing certain deep fears of yours or encountering individuals who are the exact opposite of you. They present traits, memories and emotions that you yourself have been suppressing and which it's nigh time that you accepted. You too possess these characteristics and if you learn to express them in a positive way you'll live a fuller life.


Throughout the day you're going to have to face on yourself and if you'd like to make changes, they must begin with you. Don't try to protect your loved ones from mistakes and bad habits, instead apply this advice to your own personal life. Only through personal example will you be able to convince others in the power of your principles.


It's going to be difficult for you to manage your time today because urgent tasks will keep popping up. From the very beginning of the day, create a list of priorities to work on, don't take up anything that could confuse you throughout the day. Think about what can wait and postpone it for another time. Give in to the rest that you deserve in order to relieve your stress.


Throughout the day you're going to have to think about how to express your creative side and how to have fun. If the expression of your creative side had so far depended entirely on others, now you're going to have the opportunity to become more independent by following your passion, regardless of the opinions of others. If you want something, reach out and grab it, don't let anyone discourage you.


Today, you'll find yourself thinking back to past memories and again facing trauma from your childhood, while creating tension between you and your family. If you've been keeping long-term secrets, now is the time to reveal them, without worrying about how others will see you or whether they'll reject you. Talk boldly about your past and this will help you resolve some of your current problems in the home and in the family.


The day will inspire you to share your greatest dreams with others and talk openly about your craziest ideas. Seek out people who share your ideals and with whom you can realize something big. Don't allow the skeptical attitudes of others to quell your enthusiasm, instead allow your imagination to inspire you to create your own reality, a reality different from the current one.


Today, you'll be left with the feeling that you're losing control over your finances. Prepare for events that will shake up your budget and take you out of your comfort zone. But instead of worrying and falling into panic, go with the flow and accept the risks. The fact that you won't know where your next paycheck will be coming from may seem unpleasant at first but if you stop worrying, you'll be left pleasantly surprised.


Throughout the day, focus on yourself and answer the questions about which attitudes no longer provide you results and which ones you can free yourself of. If lately you've become overly dependent on your daily routine, work and beliefs, now is the time to turn your back on some of them. Think about which attitudes usually lead you to the same old problems and part with them.


Some of your subconscious beliefs are going to come out in the open today. It's possible that you'll hear or see signs of qualities you never even knew you possessed. Allow your social circle to become a mirror of you and demonstrate the hidden side of your character. This will provide you perspective and open new doors toward success for you.