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What your Daily Horoscope for December 19 has in Store


On December 19, the Moon enters Capricorn and is going to drive us toward finishing tasks we've already started. Don't shy away from old promises, instead try to keep your given word.

The day could be very productive if you invest your energy into executing a specific goal, instead of scattering in all directions, or if you were to just plan without taking any action.

Retrograde Mercury in Sagittarius may remind of us old projects that we've abandoned long ago. Explore your old ideas thoroughly and don't be quick to turn your back on them.

Finish what you've begun and make sure all your more serious tasks are completed before the holidays.


You're going to have to focus more on your professional obligations and limit your fun time. Even if you've been feeling overwhelmed and stressed out over the past few days, don't let your emotions make your work suffer. Focus on what you need to do without making excuses or looking for anyone to cover for you.


Today you may face people with viewpoints that are entirely different from your own. But before you slap a label on them, think about whether there's anything you could learn from those with whom at first glance you have nothing in common. Today, try to bring order to your plans for the coming months and even though it's not fully clear yet, try to build some kind of vision for the future.


The day is going to provoke you to be more secretive and to seek out hidden methods by which to realize your desires. Think outside the box today and try to finish what you've begun without attracting attention. Throughout the day, listen to and absorb information, rather than share ideas. What others say and do is going to give you very valuable information.


You need to be more responsible toward your partner and closest friends today. Put your personal needs second and try to take care of your loved ones first. It's time to openly talk about certain past misunderstandings in order to resolve your problems before complications arise. Don't overlook unpleasant subjects. You can rely on your emotional calm to build bridges between you today.


There won't be any small number of obligations for you at work and even though you can't postpone their execution, try to rest when you can as well. The stress of finishing up old plans is going to have adverse effects on you if you don't set aside some time for a breather. Over the course of the day you're going to have to bring order around yourself and clear up certain misunderstandings. Try to adhere to a premade plan.


The day is going to provoke you to focus more on yourself and openly declare your desires. Don't be afraid to boast and highlight your achievements because if you keep putting yourself second, no one's ever going to recognize you. You'll only be able to receive the approval and recognition of others if you stand center-stage.


Over the course of the day, focus more on your home and family. Make sure that you've kept your past promises to them and don't run away from the responsibility you yourself have taken up. Use the day to care for those closest to you and for your home comfort by smoothing out any issues. You may once again face past disagreements and differences in world views but you must find the middle ground.


Use this day to make plans for the far future that aren't solely based on your rich imagination but also on something realistic. Consider what you've learned from temporary failures and mark the goals to conquer over the next year. Think pragmatically and try to devise plans based on the facts.


Don't give in to your impulses to shop today and before you head out to stores make a list of only the most crucial items and try to stick to it. Be more cautious with your finances today because reckless spending will have a negative effect on your budget. Try to divvy up your money now, so there's no unpleasant surprises during the holidays.


Today, focus on your personal desires and needs by dedicating your time to satisfying them. Go over what you had wanted to do for yourself this year but were unable to. Enter the role of the egotist today and try to satisfy yourself by fulfilling your own desires.


The day is going to drive you to review your biggest dreams in order to determine which of them are illusory and which ones have a chance of being realized. Try to look more pragmatically at your musings, while using your ideas for a specific project. Test everything that comes to mind in reality and you'll find out what you can truly rely on.


Throughout the day, focus on your relations with your coworkers and friends. If a coldness has settled between you lately, it's time to warm your relationship. Figure out where your problems lie and don't be afraid to be honest. Stick to the heart of the issue without letting strong emotions pull you in any other direction. Don't just blame each other, instead find a solution to the disagreements.