»Articles»Dreams»Losing teeth in your dreams portends misfortune

Losing teeth in your dreams portends misfortune

Losing teeth in your dreams portends misfortune

Usually dreams about teeth predict disease and meetings with restless and uncomfortable for you people. To dream that your teeth fall out, you expect misfortunes.

If you dream of a missing tooth in the dental office, you expect trouble relating to your health. If you dream you see all your teeth are in place, you will soon regain lost positions.

When you dream that you rinse clean your teeth, this means that you require tremendous effort to keep your fortune intact. Artificial teeth portend severe trials.

If you dream your teeth fall out and you can not find them, your pride is to be crushed, and the work for which you worked hard, will be crowned with failure.

To dream that someone destroyed your teeth is a sign that we should more carefully treat work, as enemies are on the lookout.

When you dream your teeth are broken or spoiled, it means that it is high time to give yourself a break, if you do not want your work or your health to suffer.

When you spit out your teeth in a dream, it means that you must watch your health. Crooked teeth with defects are one of the worst dreams. It spells misery.

To dream that your teeth suddenly became bright and white, this means that you will exit the cycle of misery and misfortunes that have befallen you.

If you dream that you alone remove your tooth, then you can not find it, it will mean that you will meet someone you do not want to see, and that will only bring trouble.

To dream that you are going to the dentist and then leaving him with rotten teeth, this means that we trust the people who will deceive us.