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The First Robotized Farm Begins Operation in 2017


A Japanese company is planning to cut costs by using robot workers. The plain is to have the world's first robotized farm begin operation within 2 years.

Spread Co., based in Kyoto, has set the ambitious goal of creating the first farm of its kind - one run entirely by robots. The aim is to have them be the only workers that carry out all of the necessary functions which have so far been assigned to humans. The new robotic gardeners will water the gardens, till, weed and collect the harvest.

The company's idea is to have human activity be limited to the initial process of seeding. Everything after that is to be performed by automated machines. This will significantly curb spending on personnel, while production will be plentiful.

Besides this, the farm will save up to a third on the energy costs needed to run a single modern-day farm. The goal is to produce up to 30 000 heads of lettuce in it daily. Within 5 years after the project starts, they're hoping this number jumps to half a million daily.

The innovative company is supposed to be ready to begin operation by the year 2017. This is one of the many fields in which robots can completely replace humans, while also making their lives easier at the same time.

Robot in Restaurant

They can make perfect sales advisors in stores, the fastest tellers in institutions and banks, as well as excellent assistant chefs in restaurants. In Japan there is an increased shortage of workers due to the aging population, necessitating the need for such measures.

This year, the Japanese company already realized one of its ambitious projects. It built the innovative robots called Pepper which are getting ready to work in phone stores. The aim is to have over 2000 of the machines integrated into the system by March. They will be able to talk with customers and even sign contracts with them.