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The 4 Kinds of Soul Mates we Meet in our Lives

Antonia R.Antonia R.

A soul mate is a spiritual partner that comes into our lives to teach us. Many people mistakenly define a soul mate as a person whom they'll be in love with for life but it may also be a person who hurts them, in order to teach them a valuable lesson.

These spiritual partners, who accompany our journey through life, always appear at just the right moment. But if you're expecting romance primarily, you may be left very disappointed.

A soul mate always carries with them a specific lesson, one that the time has come for you to learn. It's important to recognize the information which they bring to you, in order to free yourself of old prejudices and habits.

There are 4 kinds of soul mates we can run into that we need to open our minds to, even if the lesson they bring is an unpleasant one.

1. Soul mates that heal

When the time comes for you to heal from past trauma or part with habits that are causing you harm, you're going to meet the person who will motivate you toward this goal. Soul mates that heal show up to take you out of your comfort zone and help you rid yourself of models of behavior that are pulling you back.

2. Soul mates from past lives

You may meet someone entirely new, while at the same time you find yourself having the feeling that you've met them before. If your intuition is hinting that you already know this person, it's likely you've met them in a past life. Since they are once again appearing in your life, it means fate wants to remind you of the good side of their character.

3. Karmic soul mates

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Meetings with these soul mates are a real challenge. They show up in our lives to teach us something specific. Even though everyone wants to enjoy unclouded happiness, the truth is we can't continue forward without learning lessons along the way. Our karmic soul mates are the ones showing us the fields in which we need to start from scratch.

4. Twin soul mates

These are the soul mates in the company of whom we feel best. You have the feeling that you're thinking the same way, which is why it's easier for you to share your problems. Our twin soul mates appear in our lives when we're searching for inner piece and tranquility.