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Suffering in This Life is Due to the Fulfillment of Karma

Nina NordNina Nord
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Whenever a karmic vessel is 1/3 full, a person is freed from their obligation to the higher powers, believe Polish experts of Occult science.

People with 1/3 of their karmic vessel full have the right to realize their needs and few misfortunes happen to them, to remind them of past sins.

If the vessel is more than half full and a person begins to idealize something in this life, something immediately happens to them to remind them that they are only a visitor to this world, not its owner.

If a person doesn't read the signs, things may start going wrong. These signs can be small unpleasantries at work, in the family, someone might rob them, they might have a light car accident.

If the person doesn't think this is a sign but mere coincidence and continues to act the same way as before, they will receive a more serious sign. There are no coincidences - everything that happens to you is to remind you of your incorrect attitude toward the world.

The important thing is to understand the sign, which aims to show you that you are breaking some types of rules. But usually people do not understand it and continue living as before. If the karmic vessel becomes 3/4 filled, the signs start to become ever more horrible.


Your family might fall apart, the problems at work rain down one after another, the desired goals cannot be achieved by any means. The first things to crumble are those which a person places undeserved value on.

The important thing is not to idealize anyone or anything. Especially yourself. If we start to look down on others, with contempt, this is one of the greatest violations of the rules of our time on this world.

This can fill the karmic vessel to overflowing and the fate of a successful person may suddenly experience a turnabout. The person wonders why they deserve it, while it is simply their punishment for their disdain of others and excessive pride.

The person is placed in the situation of the people they despise. If the person realizes their mistakes quick enough, things will go back to normal. But this very rarely happens because people rarely realize their mistakes.

Whenever a soul arrives on Earth, it has a chance to play different human games - love, war, art, business. But it must not forget that it is here on Earth, as if in a museum, in a reservation, and must obey the local rules. This means doing good and not treating others poorly.



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