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Karmic Horoscope - Virgo, Libra and Scorpio

Nina NordNina Nord
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Karmic or Dragon Virgos are those people who were born from April 27, 1941 to November 15, 1942; from December 7, 1959 to June 26, 1961; from July 19, 1978 to February 5, 1980; from February 27, 1997 to September 17, 1998.

In their past, these people were involved in secret societies, so in this life they are suspicious, being dependent on others. In this life, Dragon Virgo should take great care of their health. They can become great healers.

Virgo must be a servant to his friends (in a good way). These people are the best guardians of secrets. They will do anything for the benefit of friends and strangers, to help them pay their karmic debts.

Dragon Virgo is able to easily achieve greatness, if they do not relax too much and keep working non-stop.

Dragon Libras are born October 9, 1939 to April 27, 1941; from May 20, 1958 to December 7, 1959; from December 29, 1976 to July 19, 1978; and from August 11, 1995 to February 27, 1997.

In this incarnation, they have a goal to strive for beauty and harmony, justice, diplomacy and respect for the law. Dragon Libras make great lawyers, judges, diplomats and politicians, but at the same time are attracted to art and perfection in every sense.

At a young age, the Dragon Libra is overly active and sometimes aggressive. Among the members of this Dragon sign were Michelangelo, Jules Verne and Chopin. In this life, they should not be too aggressive and must get to know the art of compromise. You should not restrict your life to work and tasks at home.

Members of this Dragon sign will easily solve their problems, if they would only understand that life is beautiful.

Karmic Scorpios are born from March 21, 1938 to October 9, 1939; from October 30, 1956 until May 20, 1958; from June 12, 1975 to December 29, 1976; and from January 21, 1994 to August 11, 1995.

In this life, the Karmic Scorpio must overcome its main shortcomings - greed, egotism and the desire to harm others. Dragon Scorpions are prone to love the material.

The Scorpio has the task of paying off its previous debt, so the most important thing for them is to try not to acquire any new karmic debts. In this life, they must forgive, not avenge, to love and help others.