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The Mummy of Rosalia Lombardo Opens and Closes her Eyes

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Rosalia Lombardo

The well-known mummy of the little girl Rosalia Lombardo, who died in November 1920, but looks almost alive, was filmed opening and closing her eyes.

After investigating the phenomenon, the experts stated that the photos showing Rosalia opening and closer her eyes are the product of an optical illusion, since the eyelids of the little girl are not completely closed.

"This is simply an optical illusion, caused by light hitting the face of the mummy at a different angle at different times, " explains Dario Piombino-Mascali.

The expert adds that it is indeed the eyelids of the little beauty, which are not fully closed, leading to the illusion that the girl is opening and closing her eyes when the light falls upon her face.

Some years ago, a visitor to the monastery, where the little girl's body is showcased, lost his mind because he was convinced that the dead child opened its eyes and looked at him.

Rosalia Lombardo, called "Sleeping Beauty" by her discoverers, died in 1920 prior to her second birthday. At the request of her parents, the body of the little girl was embalmed and buried in the Capuchin Catacombs of Palermo, Italy.

Thanks to the special technique of embalming, the girl doesn't look dead but rather as if sleeping peacefully, earning her the nickname "Sleeping Beauty".

94 years after her death, the body of Rosalia shows no trace of decomposition, and the secret of the magical balm that preserved the body of the child was uncovered just 5 years ago.

The miraculous balm contained zinc, glycerin and formalin, which were injected into the arteries of the dead girl.

Even the soft parts of Rosalia's body are preserved, with this phenomenon having not even been achieved in Egyptian mummies, where the technique of embalming had existed for millennia.

The monks protecting the body of the little girl say that strange things constantly happen around her. Sometimes the scent of flowers emanates from her body, and at other times, visitors are convinced that the child is breathing.

Rosalia is buried in a glass coffin because her parents wanted to gaze upon the face of their daughter, who died of an infectious disease, until their own death.