Loops in time

Loop in time

One of the most mysterious phenomena of time is called a loop in time. This phenomenon describes the people and material objects from the past that move into the future.

One of the clearest examples of loop in time happened on the Italian island of Ischia. Time runs slower there, life is quiet but not so far that you can confuse past hours for years.

In 1997 Kurt Reiner, twenty-five year old man entered, limping, in the thermal park "Garden of Poseidon." Kurt was all in dirt and mud.

He said an employee at the park that fell with his bike very bad, and is wanting to be oriented exactly where he is now. He said his name and the hotel, in which he was settled. In the list of guests that name was not found.

The mysterious incident was investigated by the police. After several hours it became clear that this hotel has accommodated Kurt Rainer, German tourist, but it happened in 1981.

The tourist disappeared mysteriously and no one ever saw him again. The investigation stalled, and the police decided that Rainer was drowned. In all sixteen years Kurt was considered missing.

The most bizarre was that Kurt seemed just as at the time disappeared - his face was of a twenty-five year old man and the time had left no trace on it.

In 1961 over Ohio passed an American plane. The weather was bad and the plane had to dive into the clouds. During one such diving pilot barely managed to avoid collision with another aircraft.

With one wing he caught another plane. Once landed, the pilot filed a report about the incident in the air and surprised all his superiors.

The pilot described the flight, which would be involved - it was a single seater biplane with wings on which was stretched fabric. According to the descriptions in the mystery plane was a pilot with a leather helmet and large goggles.

Nobody believed the pilot, but after a few months, an old biplane hangar was discovered that exactly meet the description of the pilot. The most bizarre was the pilot's log, however, which was dated 1911.

There was a huge silver plane out with amazing design, which flew with amazing speed and gently their wings clipped.

On one side of the biplane was really a scratch, which contained microparticles of paint that was painted on modern aircraft. Received was an amazing snare – the biplane not only jumped fifty years forward in time, but then was able to return.