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The astronauts of the Third Reich returned after 47 years flight


They were three, after a certain precision in selection of personal notes from Adolf Hitler. Before they launch the missile from the secret Penemyunde Air Base in northern Germany they received a telegram from Hitler, who thanked the three young pilots for their willingness to sacrifice their lives for the sake of national interests.

They kept that telegram till today. The mission with which they were sent into space was not only secret but deadly, no one was expecting that they will return to earth after nearly half a century.

"This is unbelievable", said one of the experts at NASA. "Even just the fact that the Germans had the space technology during the war, it turned up all our ideas, however their 47-year flight is truly a miracle! " .

Landing occurred on April 2nd, in 1990 in the Atlantic Ocean. Their return to Earth was a big shock, rather than launch into space in 1943. The three were immediately sent to the American Center for special studies and underwent medical tests.

The missile, fired on the orders of Hitler, is a modification of the missile V-2. One of its designers was the German engineer Wernher von Braun, who cooperated after the war with the Americans. It is considered that Von Braun knew about the launch of three astronauts, but never mentioned a word about it. Of course, he also did not expect that they may live to return to Earth after completing their deadly mission. The missile was equipped with special cooling systems and parachutes to drop gradually, but in the opinion of specialists such measures were manifestly inadequate.

How did the German astronauts survive during this incredible marathon after 47 years and never failed to return to Earth?

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When an American warship found three on the ocean surface in their space capsule there was neither water nor any food. It is not clear what they ate at the time. Maybe they were in anabioza a deep sleep, that minimizes life processes, during which the person does not need food. Similarly, this could explain their amazing youth, it looked as if yesterday they were fired in Space.